Sunny Day Shorts For All Three


I finished a pair of Sunny Day Shorts for all three boys. I love this pattern-it has a really cute fit and it’s very simple.

I added front pockets (just like I did in the pair I made for Owen awhile ago) and back pockets to all three pairs. I used the front and back pocket pieces from my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants pattern.

I used scraps of stretch denim I had lying around for all of them. I love stretch denim for my kids because it has that extra give that comes in so handy when they’re running and tumbling around.

Seth’s pair:

wpid956-20140716-085640.jpg wpid960-20140716-085647.jpg wpid958-20140716-085642.jpg wpid962-20140716-085701.jpg

I had to add about 3″ of length to his pair because I think this pattern is too short for boys.


wpid946-20140711-153236.jpg wpid944-20140711-153151.jpg wpid942-20140711-153127.jpg wpid941-20140711-153121.jpg

His pair is too loose on him, but I didn’t realize that until I already had the waistband on. Next time, I’ll take the outseam in for him. And I also added length to his pair.

And Owen’s pair:

wpid964-20140717-191341.jpg wpid968-20140717-191500.jpg wpid966-20140717-191450.jpg

I added rivets to his pair just for fun.

I didn’t have to add length to his pair because I cut a size 3T and he usually wears a 2T, but I did use 1 1/2″ wide elastic for his waistband and I only used 1 1/4″ in the other boys’ pairs, and I think that extra 1/4″ helped to make them longer too.

The summer is flying by so fast and I need to make all of them more shorts before the summer is over!

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