Ezra’s Field Trip Cargos


I finished another pair of pants for Ezra for school. I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern¬†for them because I’ve used that pattern several times for my boys and I really like it.

Ezra is going to be six in about two weeks, but I cut a size 5 for him and I think I could have even cut a size 4 and they would have fit. Most of that is because he’s such a little twig, but I also think this pattern runs just a tad bigger than the other Oliver + S patterns that I’ve used.

He insisted on holding his glow bracelet for all these pictures.

He insisted on holding his glow bracelet for all these pictures.

I used some stretch denim from Joann that I had left over from making me some shorts.


I put buttons on the cargo pockets this time to keep them from flapping around.


The first time I made a pair of these pants, the cargo pockets started coming loose after just a few washings. I couldn’t reinforce them very well at the tops because the fabric was so thick that I couldn’t get my needle to go through it. But now I have learned to hammer my fabric to flatten it out and then it goes through my machine really well.

After hammering these pockets, I sewed back and forth over the top edges a few times and then I also added a little zigzag stitch underneath where I sewed back and forth to be double sure the pockets aren’t going anywhere.


I’m glad Ezra says he likes them and I hope he’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

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