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T-Shirt Dress


I made a new dress, and I am in love with it. It’s so comfortable!

For the pattern, I did the same thing that I did for this dress. I took my Scoop Tee Pattern and my Maxi Skirt Pattern and lined them up at the hip to make a dress.


Then for the two front pockets, I basically traced around my hand and added a seam allowance.


I’ve had this fabric for awhile. I love the print so much, but the fabric is so incredibly thin that it’s see-through. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it because of its see-throughness, but I finally decided I would because I love those chunky stripes. I definitely have to wear an undershirt and a slip with this dress, though.


You can clearly see the undershirt through the dress.

I have tried a few ways for making my collars, but I always go back to cutting a long strip of fabric and going by feel instead of cutting a strip that is a certain percentage shorter than the neck opening. Since every fabric has such different stretch I find it hard to do it that way. Plus, I like to pull the collar fabric tighter around the deeper curves of the neck than around the more shallow curves. This video I found shows exactly what I like to do:


And that’s it. I love knit fabric. It is the best!



Owen’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans


I made Owen a pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans. I know I’m biased and all that, but I think he looks pretty adorable in them.


I made these like I made Ezra’s, with a faux fly and an elastic waistband. I don’t like to put Owen in pants with a zipper yet because he’s still in diapers and I think he’s more comfortable in elastic waistbands.

I cut him a size 3T (he’s 2) to make sure they were big enough to accommodate a cloth diaper. I think the size was just right.


I added 1″ to the back rise. I also lowered the front rise a little bit by tapering from the hip down to the center front. I took about 3″ of length out. And I also scooped the back crotch seam out a little bit to make sure it would fit the diaper.


The light color is not great for a 2-year-old. He’s worn them one day so far and they were covered in stains by the end of it. But it’s leftover fabric from my last pair of jeans and Seth’s last pair of jeans. I still have enough to make Ezra a pair! That cut of fabric has served us well.

wpid1182-20140923-115901.jpg wpid1176-20140923-115827.jpg

I love these jeans for Owen and I’ll be making more for sure.


Khaki Skinny Jeans


I made another pair of jeans using my pattern. I made them just like the others, except that I took the legs in to make them skinny.

wpid1161-20140920-164650.jpg wpid1159-20140920-164657.jpg wpid1157-20140920-164727.jpg

I used more of the same stretch denim that I made one of Seth’s jeans out of, and I still have more left. I got it from and it was such a good deal.

There’s not much more to say since I’ve already made several pairs of these, but I will say that I am in love with my rivet press. It is unbelievably wonderful to not have to put the rivets in by hand anymore.



Seth’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Two Pairs)

I made Seth two pairs of Small Fry Skinny Jeans for school. It took a long time to get pictures of him in them, but I finally bribed him enough to put both pairs on yesterday and let Jon take some shots.

I made these the same way that I made Ezra’s. Seth also hates pants with a zipper, but I told him he’s going to have to start wearing them sometime.

He wears long enough shirts that it’s not too big a deal anyway I guess.

I made a size 12 for him after adding a little bit to the outseam on the front and back pattern pieces. This is pair number one.

wpid1130-20140907-180925.jpg wpid1134-20140907-180945.jpg wpid1132-20140907-180928.jpg wpid1135-20140907-180954.jpg wpid1137-20140907-181001.jpgIt was hard to get good pictures of these. I think they look a lot better in real life.

Anyway, after I made the first pair I could see that I needed to lower the waistline in the front. He likes his pants to sit very low in the front, but there was too much fabric for him to ride them low without making the crotch a little too long. And when he pushed the pants down in the front, it pulled them down too low in the back.

I tapered down about an inch from the front outseam down to the center front. Then I scooped the back crotch seam out a little bit so that he could have a little more depth for his bum.

I think that made the second pair fit a lot better. He said he likes how the first pair fits, but he loves how the second pair fits.

wpid1140-20140907-181314.jpg wpid1142-20140907-181317.jpg wpid1145-20140907-181323.jpg wpid1148-20140907-181327.jpg wpid1150-20140907-181336.jpg

I really like this pattern. I think it’s hip and cool and all that. And by the way, Seth had a haircut shortly after we took these pictures. He really needed one!

My Striped V Neck


I have a new top, and I think this is my favorite right now. I love the colors and it’s very comfortable.

I used my scoop tee pattern to start with, and then I changed it to a v neck.


I also lengthened the armscye by 1/4″. I feel like my other tops are kind of up in my armpits too much. That extra 1/4″ made it a lot more comfortable.

I also added just a tad bit of width to the sleeve. I don’t like my sleeves to be too tight.

My favorite addition to this shirt is the little pocket. I love it! I borrowed the size 12 pocket from my boys’ Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan t-shirt pattern.


I used Riley Blake knit for this top. Their knit is a tad expensive, but it is nice fabric.

I used ribbing for the trim, and I think I’m so over ribbing. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all the ribbing I have stretches sooo much and it doesn’t have very good recovery. But I wanted navy trim and the only navy knit I had was ribbing.

I love tops like this. I could live in them every day, and I pretty much do.