My Striped V Neck


I have a new top, and I think this is my favorite right now. I love the colors and it’s very comfortable.

I used my scoop tee pattern to start with, and then I changed it to a v neck.


I also lengthened the armscye by 1/4″. I feel like my other tops are kind of up in my armpits too much. That extra 1/4″ made it a lot more comfortable.

I also added just a tad bit of width to the sleeve. I don’t like my sleeves to be too tight.

My favorite addition to this shirt is the little pocket. I love it! I borrowed the size 12 pocket from my boys’ Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan t-shirt pattern.


I used Riley Blake knit for this top. Their knit is a tad expensive, but it is nice fabric.

I used ribbing for the trim, and I think I’m so over ribbing. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all the ribbing I have stretches sooo much and it doesn’t have very good recovery. But I wanted navy trim and the only navy knit I had was ribbing.

I love tops like this. I could live in them every day, and I pretty much do.


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