Seth’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Two Pairs)

I made Seth two pairs of Small Fry Skinny Jeans for school. It took a long time to get pictures of him in them, but I finally bribed him enough to put both pairs on yesterday and let Jon take some shots.

I made these the same way that I made Ezra’s. Seth also hates pants with a zipper, but I told him he’s going to have to start wearing them sometime.

He wears long enough shirts that it’s not too big a deal anyway I guess.

I made a size 12 for him after adding a little bit to the outseam on the front and back pattern pieces. This is pair number one.

wpid1130-20140907-180925.jpg wpid1134-20140907-180945.jpg wpid1132-20140907-180928.jpg wpid1135-20140907-180954.jpg wpid1137-20140907-181001.jpgIt was hard to get good pictures of these. I think they look a lot better in real life.

Anyway, after I made the first pair I could see that I needed to lower the waistline in the front. He likes his pants to sit very low in the front, but there was too much fabric for him to ride them low without making the crotch a little too long. And when he pushed the pants down in the front, it pulled them down too low in the back.

I tapered down about an inch from the front outseam down to the center front. Then I scooped the back crotch seam out a little bit so that he could have a little more depth for his bum.

I think that made the second pair fit a lot better. He said he likes how the first pair fits, but he loves how the second pair fits.

wpid1140-20140907-181314.jpg wpid1142-20140907-181317.jpg wpid1145-20140907-181323.jpg wpid1148-20140907-181327.jpg wpid1150-20140907-181336.jpg

I really like this pattern. I think it’s hip and cool and all that. And by the way, Seth had a haircut shortly after we took these pictures. He really needed one!

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