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Two T-Shirts

I made Owen a long sleeved t-shirt with my t-shirt pattern.


I found this adorable monkey knit that I wanted to use, but I thought that making the whole shirt out of the monkeys might be a little too much. So I color blocked it (maybe I monkey blocked it?).


The shirt was already dirty by the time I got around to taking these pictures. I tried to sponge off some of the dirtiness, and that is why there is a wet mark on the pocket.



Close-up of the wet mark.

To make my pattern long sleeved, I took a long sleeved t-shirt he already had that fit well and used that for a reference. I measured the length of the sleeve and then made my pattern piece that long. Then I measured the width at the bottom of the sleeve and made my pattern that wide. Then I connected those points to make the rest of the sleeve and then added seam allowance.


Blowing kisses.


Ezra watched me make this monkey shirt and asked if he could have a new t-shirt too. So I made him one when I was finished with the monkeys.

I didn’t get great pictures of this shirt, but he’s already worn the heck out of it (and I only finished it last week!) and it’s got stains and stuff. So these pictures will have to do.

wpid1276-20141024-075625.jpg wpid1282-20141024-075639.jpg

He chose the color scheme. But I was very happy to go with these colors because the first ones he picked looked eye-wrenching together.

I used some jersey with spandex for both his and Owen’s t-shirts, like I always do.

wpid1280-20141024-075635.jpg wpid1278-20141024-075631.jpg

My New Top (New Look 6078)

Almost all of my tops are knit and I decided I needed to add a little variety. So I made a woven top using a New Look pattern. Well, I used a stretch poplin fabric so it still has a touch of stretch to it. I can’t help myself-I love my clothes to have a little give to them.


I don’t use commercial patterns very much, but I did like this one. I have enough experience making collared shirts now that I could figure out what the directions were telling me to do.


It took me awhile to make though! I spent an entire week’s worth of sewing time on this project. Part of that was because I bought this pattern as a digital pattern and it took forever to put together.

Then I made a muslin, which I am very glad I did. After making the muslin, I decided not to use the four waistline darts that are in the pattern (two in the front and two in the back). I am not a big fan of waistline darts in the first place. But the reason I decided to leave them out is because if I used the size that my bust measurement falls under, it was too tight in the torso. By taking out the waistline darts I got some extra room in the torso and it fit just right. That was a very easy fix.

wpid1249-20141019-153307.jpg wpid1251-20141019-153326.jpg

After making the muslin, I also decided to drop the armpit down 1/4″ so that I would have more arm mobility. And I added 1″ to the sleeve length because I like my sleeves a tad longer.

I also made the shirt bottom more straight because I like that better.

And I think that’s it.

One thing I did that I think is important is to topstitch the gathers in the sleeve cap. Before I did that, the gathers made the sleeve poof up in the air. I thought that looked really weird. But after topstitching them down they laid down better.

I’m going to have to make another one of these. I’m thinking a bright, sunny yellow would be just right.


Hudson Pant By True Bias

I think it’s such an exciting time to sew your own clothes because there are so many awesome things out there to make. I have a list a mile long of patterns I want to try.

Last week I tried the Hudson Pant pattern by True Bias. Seth and Ezra both have some pants from Target that look just like the Hudson Pants, and I have been super jealous of them because they look so cozy. So when I saw this pattern, I was very eager to make some.

I was so eager, that I decided to try the pattern out even though all I had to make them with was t-shirt weight knit. So they are pretty thin. But I like them anyway. They’re so very comfortable.


The pattern calls for 2″ wide elastic for the waistband. All I had was 1 1/2″ elastic, so I made a more narrow waistband. To make up for my waistband with the 1 1/2″ wide elastic being 3/4″ narrower than the original pattern, I added 3/4″ to the back rise of the pants.

I didn’t add anything to the front though and I even took some out. I tapered down 1″ from the hip to the center front. I end up doing that for every pants pattern I make because my natural waist is so low in the front.


I didn’t change anything else. I think they fit really well.

wpid1233-20141011-174033.jpg wpid1235-20141011-174056.jpg

I will be making more of these for sure-in a sturdier knit next time.


Art Museum Trousers


Seth needed some new Sunday pants, so I used my Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers pattern to make him a pair. I’ve used this pattern a few times before and I really like it.

The pattern is for pants with an elastic waistband. I wanted these to be really nice dress pants, so I added a zipper. I used the fly pieces from one of my jeans patterns and just cut them a little smaller.


I used some stretch twill from for these. It is great fabric-just the right weight with a slight bit of stretch.

wpid1220-20141012-142341.jpg wpid1218-20141012-142351.jpg

I also made Seth a new tie with my men’s tie pattern to go with these pants. We shortened the pattern to make it boy-size.


I am really happy with how these pants turned out. I think he looks pretty sharp in them!


Owen’s Owl Pants (Small Fry Skinny Jeans)


When Owen was about 9 months old, I made him some pants from some rockin’ corduroy with an owl print. He loves those pants so much that even though now he’s 2 and the pants only go down barely past his knees, if he finds those owl pants he’ll put them on.

I decided I better make him another pair. I used the same Kaufman corduroy as I did for his first pair.

wpid1203-20141008-180128.jpg wpid1207-20141008-180151.jpg

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I cut a size 4 (last time I used a size 3) because the corduroy has no stretch. Then I made them the same way and used the same adjustments for the length and the rise as I did for the last pair.

wpid1205-20141008-180106.jpg wpid1209-20141008-180149.jpg wpid1211-20141008-180149.jpg

Since there was no stretch in the fabric, they’re not really skinny jeans because they couldn’t be that tight and still go over his hips. But he likes ’em.