Owen’s Owl Pants (Small Fry Skinny Jeans)


When Owen was about 9 months old, I made him some pants from some rockin’ corduroy with an owl print. He loves those pants so much that even though now he’s 2 and the pants only go down barely past his knees, if he finds those owl pants he’ll put them on.

I decided I better make him another pair. I used the same Kaufman corduroy as I did for his first pair.

wpid1203-20141008-180128.jpg wpid1207-20141008-180151.jpg

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I cut a size 4 (last time I used a size 3) because the corduroy has no stretch. Then I made them the same way and used the same adjustments for the length and the rise as I did for the last pair.

wpid1205-20141008-180106.jpg wpid1209-20141008-180149.jpg wpid1211-20141008-180149.jpg

Since there was no stretch in the fabric, they’re not really skinny jeans because they couldn’t be that tight and still go over his hips. But he likes ’em.




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