My New Top (New Look 6078)

Almost all of my tops are knit and I decided I needed to add a little variety. So I made a woven top using a New Look pattern. Well, I used a stretch poplin¬†fabric so it still has a touch of stretch to it. I can’t help myself-I love my clothes to have a little give to them.


I don’t use commercial patterns very much, but I did like this one. I have enough experience making collared shirts now that I could figure out what the directions were telling me to do.


It took me awhile to make though! I spent an entire week’s worth of sewing time on this project. Part of that was because I bought this pattern as a digital pattern and it took forever to put together.

Then I made a muslin, which I am very glad I did. After making the muslin, I decided not to use the four waistline darts that are in the pattern (two in the front and two in the back). I am not a big fan of waistline darts in the first place. But the reason I decided to leave them out is because if I used the size that my bust measurement falls under, it was too tight in the torso. By taking out the waistline darts I got some extra room in the torso and it fit just right. That was a very easy fix.

wpid1249-20141019-153307.jpg wpid1251-20141019-153326.jpg

After making the muslin, I also decided to drop the armpit down 1/4″ so that I would have more arm mobility. And I added 1″ to the sleeve length because I like my sleeves a tad longer.

I also made the shirt bottom more straight because I like that better.

And I think that’s it.

One thing I did that I think is important is to topstitch the gathers in the sleeve cap. Before I did that, the gathers made the sleeve poof up in the air. I thought that looked really weird. But after topstitching them down they laid down better.

I’m going to have to make another one of these. I’m thinking a bright, sunny yellow would be just right.


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