Two T-Shirts

I made Owen a long sleeved t-shirt with my t-shirt pattern.


I found this adorable monkey knit that I wanted to use, but I thought that making the whole shirt out of the monkeys might be a little too much. So I color blocked it (maybe I monkey blocked it?).


The shirt was already dirty by the time I got around to taking these pictures. I tried to sponge off some of the dirtiness, and that is why there is a wet mark on the pocket.



Close-up of the wet mark.

To make my pattern long sleeved, I took a long sleeved t-shirt he already had that fit well and used that for a reference. I measured the length of the sleeve and then made my pattern piece that long. Then I measured the width at the bottom of the sleeve and made my pattern that wide. Then I connected those points to make the rest of the sleeve and then added seam allowance.


Blowing kisses.


Ezra watched me make this monkey shirt and asked if he could have a new t-shirt too. So I made him one when I was finished with the monkeys.

I didn’t get great pictures of this shirt, but he’s already worn the heck out of it (and I only finished it last week!) and it’s got stains and stuff. So these pictures will have to do.

wpid1276-20141024-075625.jpg wpid1282-20141024-075639.jpg

He chose the color scheme. But I was very happy to go with these colors because the first ones he picked looked eye-wrenching together.

I used some jersey with spandex for both his and Owen’s t-shirts, like I always do.

wpid1280-20141024-075635.jpg wpid1278-20141024-075631.jpg

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