White Sketchbook Shirt


I made Seth a new Sunday shirt using the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt¬†pattern. But before I say anything else, I’ve got to say that the pictures I took of this shirt are poor quality. It was stormy and cold after church when I took them and I was in a big rush. But guess what! It was incredibly hard to get Seth to leave his Sunday clothes on long enough to get even these crappy pictures so they will have to do.

The pattern has a combined collar stand and collar. ¬†I’ve used this pattern once before and so I knew that I didn’t care for that and I wanted a separate collar stand and collar this time. So I drafted a different collar and stand based off of Jon’s button shirt pattern that I use frequently.

I got the collar a little too tall this time, so it looks a bit floppy. I’ll have to shorten that for next time.


I had to do some slashing and spreading of this pattern to get it to fit Seth. He’s a very sturdy boy, but I also feel like this pattern runs a bit small. And short. I had to add several inches of length to the pattern, and Seth is average height.

wpid1288-20141102-180920.jpg wpid1290-20141102-180912.jpg

But I think it will do for church.

I think this is his "Please stop taking pictures and let me go in the house where it's warm!" face.

I think this is his “Please stop taking pictures and let me go in the house where it’s warm!” face.


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