Some Button-Up Shirts (And A Little Tie)

I found some fabulous shirting fabric at Joann over the summer and last week I finally got around to making Jon a shirt out of it.


I used the same Kwik Sew pattern that I’ve used for his others. This time, I took the shirt in a little bit more on the sides. I’ve taken it in some nearly every time I’ve made it, but it was still too big. I like how this one fits.




After I finished his shirt, I still had enough fabric left over to make Owen a shirt too. I used the Fishsticks pattern that I’ve used before for Owen’s shirt. It’s an easy pattern and I finished it pretty quickly. Quickly for a button shirt, anyway.



He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.

He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.


After Owen’s shirt, I still had some fabric left over (Those three yards served me well!) so I made a newborn tie for a baby shower for my neighbor.


I used this┬átutorial that I’ve used before.

I’ve had my fill of that fabric and it’s time to move on! But, matching is pretty cute for sure.

wpid1312-20141109-131742.jpg wpid1314-20141109-131812.jpg

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