Day Tripper Top And Another Placket Top

I finished two new tops for me a little bit ago. It’s taken me some time to get pictures taken of them because Winter has come to our little part of Idaho and ruined all of my picture-taking fun. It’s too dark and cold to get any outside.

But tonight we tried to get some indoor shots that were decent. It’s the best we could do and I’m afraid that’s how all of my pictures of my stuff will be until Spring comes and it’s not so dark and dreary.

Anyway, the first top I made is the Day Tripper Top by Shwin Designs. It’s a loose fitting shirt with Dolman sleeves. And by the way, I didn’t even know what Dolman sleeves were until I bought this pattern.


I found this pattern one night when I was reading a sewing blog and I fell in love with it. The very next day, I bought the pattern and got to work on it.

I used some Kaufman knit from for this shirt. And I got the buttons for the shoulder tabs at Walmart. Jon is not a fan of the shoulder tabs. Actually, I don’t think he’s a fan of the shirt in general. He told me it looks a little bit flamboyant.

wpid1345-20141117-221840.jpg wpid1347-20141117-221823.jpg

But I like it. At first, I didn’t. I cut a size xs based on my bust measurement. And I knew the pattern was for a loose fitting top, but when I was finished with it I felt like it was too baggy and it just hung on me. It only took one wash to tighten things back into place though and I think it looks a lot better.

The pattern has an option for front pockets and so I added them.


They are pretty fun, but I don’t think I’ll add ’em next time. They are a little bulky.

The only things I changed about the pattern were that I didn’t do the neck binding the way the pattern said to. I did it the way I always do my knit collars.

Also, the pattern has a high-low hem and I am not a fan of high-low hems so I evened the hem out.

I really like this pattern and I will be making more tops with it.


After I finished this top, I made another one of my placket tops from the pattern Jon and I drafted together.


I used the fabric I had left over from my last t-shirt dress. The fabric is pretty poor quality and my t-shirt dress has only been washed a few times and it’s already pilling really bad, but I love the print so I decided to use it anyway.


The placket on this shirt is definitely not my finest. I decided not to interface it at all because I don’t like interfacing and if I can avoid it I do. But I should not have avoided it this time. The fabric is too thin and the placket warped a bit while I was attaching it. Also, my buttons are a little too chunky for my skinny little placket.


But it’s all ok. I like it anyway.

I dropped the armpit down 1/4″ in my pattern before making this top. And I widened the sleeve too. I’ve had to do that in all of my shirts lately because my bicep muscles are a-growin’.

Nice sleeve.

Nice sleeve.


I have really been in a mood for making myself new tops, but I’m out of girl knit now so I’ll have to wait to make more. Today I started a new pair of jeans and I’m pumped about that.

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