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Undercover Hood Plus Another Pair Of Jeans

I finished my Christmas sewing and then it was time to sew an outfit for me of course!

wpid1472-20141229-155831.jpgFirst, I made the top using the Undercover Hood pattern by Papercut Patterns. I chose to make the sweater version (without the hood or the front pocket). I made a size x-small without any changes to it and I think it fits nearly perfect.

wpid1477-20141229-155939.jpgNext time I might add an extra inch to the length because I like my tops a tad long.

I followed the instructions for all of it except for the collar. I always do my own thing for my collars because I think it’s easier.

I used some ponte double knit from for this top and it worked well because it’s a very nice weight and it’s very stable.


For my jeans, I used my pattern that I drafted nearly two years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long!


I have been making skinny jeans lately, but I decided I’m kinda sick of those and so I made these with a little flare starting below the knee and tapering to the ankle. Not a lot, though. I wanted them more straight leg, but not so straight leg that it looked like they were supposed to be skinny jeans but I just didn’t get the ankle right.

I added 1/2″ to the back rise for this pair, and I’m soooo glad I did. It’s crazy what a difference 1/2″ can make. Now when I bend over my jeans stay up a lot better. Plus, my pockets have been a little low on my other pairs but there just wasn’t room to move them up. Now I could move them up 1/2″ and I like that better.


I also got better results on my topstitching on this pair too because I turned the tension on my sewing machine up to 8 when I was topstitching. I have turned it up some with my other pairs, but I was still getting a loopy stitch now and then. I guess I didn’t realize just how much I should turn it up until I googled around and saw what other people have done.

I love the buttons on these. I got them from Mood Fabrics and they’re very nice. I also took the time to baste these on and check the fit before sewing them on tightly. Then I could make sure they fit just right.


Plus, I got a yellow zipper from Wawak and I love the yellow zipper and the little bit of yellow trim I added to them. Even if I’m the only person that can see the yellow zipper!

wpid1464-20141229-143535.jpgWhen I posted about the last pair of jeans I made, I wrote about the problem I was having with leg twist. I had the problem again on this pair, so I have successfully ruled out the possibility of the leg twist coming from my sewing machine feed dogs screwing things up or my cutting skills screwing things up.

It has to be my pattern. I didn’t understand how important grainlines are when I drafted this pattern and so it’s not surprising to me that I messed it up. So I’m rewatching my Kenneth D. King Jeanuis class from so I can figure out how to fix it. I will fix it. 

I think these jeans are probably my favorite thing I’ve ever sewn. I think it’s so fitting that I finished them at the end of a great year of sewing. I have learned soooo much this year and one of the things I’m happiest about is how much my jeans skills have progressed. I’m looking forward to sewing up a storm in 2015 too.


Christmas Gifts: Men’s Neck Ties

I’ve been making ties this week for some family members.


I know it’s kinda boring that they’re all from the same fabric, but it’s cheaper that way so that’s what I did. Plus, I really like this fabric. It’s some home decor fabric from

Two of these ties are for some really tall guys, so I lengthened my tie pattern. I added two inches to the end of the front tie piece.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

And of course I had Jon model one of the ties.

wpid1459-20141217-212824.jpgI think it looks good with the shirt and pants he’s wearing.

wpid1457-20141217-212819.jpgP.S. I made some baby pants using my trusty Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pattern for my nephew too. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to model them.


Christmas Gifts: Reversible Totes


I have been busy sewing a load of Christmas presents for family. Last week, I made these reversible tote bags. I’ve never made a bag like this before, but I used a free class from Craftsy called Bag Making Basics with Kristin Link to learn how to make these. The class was great and they were fun to make.


The dandelion and chevron fabrics are a nice medium weight twill. I really like these fabrics and they were easy to sew with. The yellow fabric is some quilting cotton. I wanted to use twill for all of it, but I needed yellow and I was having a hard time finding solid yellow twill.


For the lining of the bag with the chevron exterior, I used some fabric I had left over from when we made our curtains and some couch pillows. The quilting cotton and the heavy, polyester curtain fabric were a bad match because the cotton had some give to it but the polyester had no give at all. I had to tuck a little bit of the quilting cotton over because it was impossible to ease it all when I attached the lining and the exterior together. I was sad about the tuck, but at least it’s a small tuck I guess.

I loved making these bags. I am thinking I will make these when I need gifts for a long time to come.


Two Pairs of Pants

I recently finished two pairs of pants-one for Seth and one for Ezra. For Seth’s pair, I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern like I have for his last few pairs.


I used some denim from for these. It’s nice denim, but it was a little heavier than I thought it was going to be. It still works, but next time I’ll make sure I don’t use 10 oz. denim for fitted jeans because I think it’s too heavy for that.

wpid1391-20141206-132751.jpg wpid1393-20141206-132921.jpg

I made these like the last pairs so there’s nothing new in the construction. Seth still wants pants with an elastic waistband because they’re more comfortable. I am thinking that will have to change soon, but for now it’s easier so why not?

wpid1397-20141206-132957.jpg wpid1395-20141206-132933.jpg wpid1399-20141206-133001.jpgFor Ezra’s pair, I used my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern. I’ve used it lots of times and I still really like it.


Ezra broke his elbow so he has a bit of cast peeking out there.

His last pair ended up being too short after about two weeks because he’s growing tall so fast, so I made sure to make this pair longer. I still used a size 5 though.

wpid1401-20141206-134616.jpg wpid1403-20141206-134656.jpg

Ezra is sooo picky about what color his clothes are. I was going to use the same fabric to make these that I used to make Seth’s pair, but Ezra said he wouldn’t wear them because that blue is “too dark”. Lucky for me, I had this bit of tan denim that he said would be ok.


Ezra made that bracelet at school and he’s wearin’ it proudly.

I really like the dark topstitching on the lighter fabric. And apparently it passes Ezra’s strict standards, because he’s been wearing them. Doing tricks in them, even.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Ezra’s pants finished off the 6 yards of that tan denim that I bought in August. This is all that was left of it after cutting out his pants:


I love finishing off the last bit of a huge load of fabric. It feels really good. With those 6 yards, I made pants for Seth, Owen, Ezra, and me. I think that’s pretty rad.


Clockwise from top left: My jeans, Ezra’s cargos, Seth’s jeans, and Owen’s jeans.

New Cutting Table

I have been wanting a new cutting table that is 3 feet wide so that I have ample room to cut out my stuff on it. I was looking around last week to see if I could find anything that would work and that was in my price range. While I was looking I found this tutorial by Closet Case Files to make your own cutting table.

I thought that making a table sounded like a super idea because Jon loves to build stuff with wood and then we could make it just how we wanted it.

So Jon made it for me over the weekend.


I’m in love with it! It is so wonderfully spacious.

wpid1379-20141129-150902.jpg wpid1381-20141129-150929.jpg

And I love that it has wheels so that I can pull it out from the wall while I’m cutting and walk around the entire table.

The tutorial is awesome. And it’s a good thing I have Jon because I never would have been able to make it myself.