Christmas Gifts: Men’s Neck Ties

I’ve been making ties this week for some family members.


I know it’s kinda boring that they’re all from the same fabric, but it’s cheaper that way so that’s what I did. Plus, I really like this fabric. It’s some home decor fabric from

Two of these ties are for some really tall guys, so I lengthened my tie pattern. I added two inches to the end of the front tie piece.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

And of course I had Jon model one of the ties.

wpid1459-20141217-212824.jpgI think it looks good with the shirt and pants he’s wearing.

wpid1457-20141217-212819.jpgP.S. I made some baby pants using my trusty Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pattern for my nephew too. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to model them.


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