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Running Top #3 (With Undercover Hood Pattern)

I bought some activewear knit from last summer with plans to make a running tank top out of it. I never did make a tank before the weather turned cold, but that’s ok because I made a long sleeved running shirt out of it instead last week. With our climate, I run in long sleeved tops more than anything else anyway.


I’ve made a couple of running tops before (here and here) with a Burda pattern, but I decided to use the Undercover Hood pattern for this one. I’ve made a top with that pattern once before and I really like it.


The collar was hard to put on with this fabric-it took me three tries to get it looking ok. First it was too loose, then too tight. I’m glad the third time it was alright because I was sick of messing with it.

I thought that a running shirt with that wide hem band the pattern has would be so cute, and I do like how it looks. But it only took me one run to realize a wide hem band on a running shirt is not very functional. It kept slipping up and folding over on itself. I considered cutting it off and hemming the shirt normally, but I decided that would make the shirt too short. It’s ok though. The shirt still works, but it would be better without the band.

wpid1606-20150126-105115.jpg wpid1607-20150126-105122.jpg

I’m just so happy that the roads are clear right now and it’s warmed up a little bit so I can run outside and wear it!


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Sunday Sevens (#1)


I saw on After Dark Sewing a fun idea to do a Sunday Sevens post where you share seven pictures of things from your week and it looks like fun so I’m gonna do it! (The idea is originally from Threads And Bobbins.)

1.  The roads were too yucky to run on much last week, but this week they have cleared out. On Monday I only had to hop over a few slush piles here and there during my run. I hope they stay clear because I love running outside so much.

2015-01-19 16.57.26

The almost clear road.


2.  I put the waistband in my black skirt. I like to leave my zipper long until the first part of the waistband is sewn on, and then trim the zipper at the top. I learned that from my Angela Wolf Craftsy class on sewing designer jeans. How do you trim your zippers?

All trimmed.

All trimmed.

3. I made another newborn tie for a baby shower I went to for one of my friends.


4. Jon and I went on a date! We had a dinner on campus for Jon’s department.

2015-01-22 19.05.29

5. Jon knows the way to my heart so he bought me some thread racks for my birthday. I love that hanging up my thread freed up some space on my desk.



6. We had our Saturday family cleaning and I got Owen to help out. This was noteworthy because he is usually a stubborn two year old that is hard to convince that cleaning is fun.

Little Owen and his cleaning rag.

Little Owen and his cleaning rag.

7. We went to Heise Pizza on Friday, also for my birthday. My birthday was actually last week, but it snowed a ton that day and the roads were too bad to travel on. We made up for it this weekend.

Me and Seth waiting for our pizza.

Me and Seth waiting for our pizza.

Black Denim Skirt

wpid1570-20150123-165136.jpgI haven’t made a new skirt in a long time, and I decided I definitely needed to fix that.

I made my denim skirt last Spring, and I wear it to church more than anything else, so I made another denim skirt like that one except out of black denim this time.


I got the denim from and the front buttons from Mood Fabrics.

wpid1576-20150123-165158.jpg wpid1578-20150123-165205.jpg

I already wrote about how I drafted the front and back for this skirt off of a ready to wear skirt that I have, and then I used the waistband, fly, pocket, and yoke pieces from a jeans pattern that I like (An Angela Wolf jeans pattern).

My first denim skirt gets some pull lines across the front because it’s a little too tight in the thighs, so I added a little bit of width to the outseams for this black skirt. Because of that, I needed to widen my waistband a little bit too. I added the extra width to the center of the waistband because that seemed like a good place to add to.

But it turns out that I should have added to the ends of the waistband instead of the center, because adding to the center widened the curve out in the back and made the waistband of my skirt gape a little bit.

Where I added to the waistband.

Where I added to the waistband.

Now I can look at the pattern piece and easily see that adding right there would mess up the curve. But I didn’t realize it before and now I will just have to call it a learning experience and know that I’ll never make that mistake again!

At least it’s not that bad. And it only gapes when I sit.

wpid1580-20150123-165243.jpg wpid1582-20150123-165240.jpgI’m glad that I have a black skirt now, because every girl needs a black skirt for sure.


Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Another Pair)


I had a scrap of denim left over from my brown jeans just big enough to make Owen a pair of jeans too. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I do like that pattern a lot.

I left these a little too long, but it’s just that he grows so fast and I want them to fit as long as possible! They’re a little baggy in the legs because of the extra length, but that’s ok with me.



I love when he puts his hands in those little pockets. Speaking of pockets, I love to baste my pockets shut right after they’re constructed so they will be sure to lay flat while I’m putting the waistband on and installing the rivets.

Anyway, I’m glad Owen has another pair of pants now because he can always use more pants.

Has anyone else used the Small Fry pattern? Do you love it?




Two Quick Neckties

There are a lot of babies that are born in my neighborhood and so that means I attend a lot of baby showers. Lately, I’ve been giving out neckties for the new little bundles of joy that are boys.

I went to a baby shower last week where I gave a tie set I made for both the new baby and his older brother.



It might be corny, but I love dressing my own boys in matching ties. It’s just so cute.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

For the newborn tie, I used this free tutorial and pattern (I’ve mentioned that tutorial and pattern several times on my blog because I use it a lot).

For the big brother tie, I used my free men’s tie pattern and tutorial and just shortened it. Like I did for Seth’s last tie.

I didn’t get the best pictures of these ties because I waited until the absolute last second to sew them (I finished about 10 minutes before the baby shower started!) but I did what I could. Simple pictures for a simple project, right?


Archer Shirt By Grainline Studio


My birthday is coming up, so I made myself a birthday shirt. Hey-before I sewed I used to buy clothes for my birthday, but now it’s a lot more fun to make ’em! To make my shirt I used the Archer pattern by Grainline Studio.

I saw this pattern awhile ago and I couldn’t decide if it was something I’d really like or not because I mostly stick to wearing knit tops. But then I saw a few versions on other blogs (like this and this) that looked super cute so I decided to make one.

wpid1501-20150111-135620.jpg wpid1503-20150111-135629.jpg

I used some lightweight cotton twill shirting from Mood Fabrics (This is my favorite fabric store right now!)  for this and I really like how it looks and feels. The only problem was that the fabric was so shifty that when I cut my yoke on the fold, I didn’t realize that the fabric underneath had shifted. You can see that because of this the checks are off at the bottom of the yoke. But I barely had enough fabric to make this shirt so I couldn’t cut new yoke pieces. I don’t mind too much though.

I had to make two muslins for this shirt. For the first muslin, I went with my bust size (size 2). But that didn’t work because although it fit really well through the bust, torso, and lower back, it was too tight across the shoulders and through the biceps.

I could have just altered that size to have more room in the shoulders and biceps, but I thought it might end up being easier to just go up a size.

So I cut out a size 4 and it fit a ton better. With that size I only had to do a few tiny alterations:

  • I dropped the armpits by 1/4″ (I am wide through the shoulders and bicep area!).
  • I added just a touch more width through the bicep area. That was easy to do because the pattern narrowed a little bit through the bicep and then widened back out at the elbow-I just kept it wider to meet the elbow.
  • I added about an inch to the length. I also evened the hem out a bit so it wasn’t as drastic of a shirttail hem.

wpid1499-20150111-135550.jpgI only had 8 matching purple buttons, so I decided to leave the button off of the collar stand. I was never going to use that button anyway.

I also moved all the buttons down a little bit on the front. I felt like that top button after the collar stand was too high, but the second button down was going to be too low so I just shot for in the middle of that and then split the difference of how far down I moved the top button between the other buttons. That probably made no sense at all, but it did work for what I wanted.

I have made several button up shirts for Jon and my boys, but this is the first long sleeved one I’ve made with a sleeve placket and cuff. I learn so much better from watching someone do something rather than trying to look at a diagram or read instructions, so I was glad to have my Craftsy class called The Classic Tailored Shirt to help me see how to do the plackets and cuffs.

wpid1507-20150111-135739.jpg wpid1510-20150111-135752.jpg wpid1505-20150111-135649.jpgThis shirt seriously took me like 15 hours to make! That’s including putting the pattern together and making the muslins and stuff, so next time will be a lot quicker. But I like the shirt and I’m feeling happy that I finished it.

P.S. It was snowing when we took these pictures and Jon told me I should come down in the snow for a couple because the snowflakes were so pretty. Why not?

wpid1516-20150111-135834.jpg wpid1514-20150111-135840.jpg