Two Quick Neckties

There are a lot of babies that are born in my neighborhood and so that means I attend a lot of baby showers. Lately, I’ve been giving out neckties for the new little bundles of joy that are boys.

I went to a baby shower last week where I gave a tie set I made for both the new baby and his older brother.



It might be corny, but I love dressing my own boys in matching ties. It’s just so cute.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

For the newborn tie, I used this free tutorial and pattern (I’ve mentioned that tutorial and pattern several times on my blog because I use it a lot).

For the big brother tie, I used my free men’s tie pattern and tutorial and just shortened it. Like I did for Seth’s last tie.

I didn’t get the best pictures of these ties because I waited until the absolute last second to sew them (I finished about 10 minutes before the baby shower started!) but I did what I could. Simple pictures for a simple project, right?


8 thoughts on “Two Quick Neckties

  1. Elizabeth

    So sweet. I will remember this for Easter for my 3 boys. It is true that dressing them in matching wear amplifies the cute factor by about a million. You have a sweet family. ~Elizabeth

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