Running Top #3 (With Undercover Hood Pattern)

I bought some activewear knit from last summer with plans to make a running tank top out of it. I never did make a tank before the weather turned cold, but that’s ok because I made a long sleeved running shirt out of it instead last week. With our climate, I run in long sleeved tops more than anything else anyway.


I’ve made a couple of running tops before (here and here) with a Burda pattern, but I decided to use the Undercover Hood pattern for this one. I’ve made a top with that pattern once before and I really like it.


The collar was hard to put on with this fabric-it took me three tries to get it looking ok. First it was too loose, then too tight. I’m glad the third time it was alright because I was sick of messing with it.

I thought that a running shirt with that wide hem band the pattern has would be so cute, and I do like how it looks. But it only took me one run to realize a wide hem band on a running shirt is not very functional. It kept slipping up and folding over on itself. I considered cutting it off and hemming the shirt normally, but I decided that would make the shirt too short. It’s ok though. The shirt still works, but it would be better without the band.

wpid1606-20150126-105115.jpg wpid1607-20150126-105122.jpg

I’m just so happy that the roads are clear right now and it’s warmed up a little bit so I can run outside and wear it!


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7 thoughts on “Running Top #3 (With Undercover Hood Pattern)

  1. Helena

    Yay! I already found a new great blog and another pattern designer from the link up! Thank you!

    This is super cute and looks cozy for running. One of my goals this year is making running clothes, so the tip about the hem band is a good one I’ll remember. I find any of my running tops that are even a little snug on my hips tend to ride up about half a mile out there. Then my butt is cold!

  2. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Third time’s a charm! I love how fresh and springlike your fabric is! I would like to sew some active wear this year, and I love how you turned your hoodie pattern into a running top. Just a matter of tweaking the fit! Nice to meet you Bryanna!

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  4. Ginny

    What a great top! You have me eyeing the stack of activewear knits I recently purchased, but haven’t sewn :D! I like the Undercover Hood pattern a lot, so many thanks for mentioning that the band at the bottom isn’t suitable for activewear — I would have discovered that the hard way :D!

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