Sunday Sevens (#2)


I can’t believe another week has gone by! They sure do fly. Here’s seven things from my week.

1. Owen was so sick this week. He had a sinus infection and also a wicked ear infection. We had to put eye drops in his eyes because they were so infected from the sinus infection and he hated the eye drops. He tried everything he could to keep the drops out.

2015-01-30 08.36.39

2. I finished a pair of dress pants for Jon this week. I still need to take pictures of him wearing them, but I did snap a shot of the waistband after I got it all attached. It lined up so well and sometimes it’s hard for me to get it lined up at the top and the bottom in the front. I think this is my best waistband alignment so far.

2015-01-30 14.36.13

3. The boys had belt tests this week for their karate class. Seth is now a mighty green belt.

2015-01-30 16.29.50

4. And Ezra is an orange/white belt.

2015-01-30 16.18.57-1

5. During my Friday sewing session, I pulled some distilled water down off of a shelf to refill my iron (I have to use distilled because our water is so hard it ruins my iron). When I tried to put the water back up on the shelf, I accidentally dropped it and the lid popped off and water spilled all over my patterns that were on the shelf below. I was pretty upset! Some of the ones that got wet are ones that I have drafted myself on butcher paper and I only have the one copy. But after laying them all out to dry, I can see they are all going to survive. Whew! This is one pile of many that were set out to dry.

2015-01-30 15.28.15

You can bet my distilled water jugs are now living in a different place, far away from my patterns.

6. I usually run barefoot for a few minutes after every run as a cool down but all winter I’ve been doing that on my treadmill. Last week seemed so warm though (We got to the high 30s and that feels so nice after the cold!) that I ran down the sidewalk outside! Woohoo! Ezra and Owen were watching for me out the window and when they saw me running barefoot they came out to join me.

2015-01-29 11.57.07

7. After a few more runs in my new running top, I decided the band definitely had to go even if it meant the shirt would be a little short. I chopped the band off and did a rolled hem on my serger because there wasn’t enough to do a regular hem. I think this will be better. I can’t stand the band flapping around while I run!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens (#2)

  1. Beth

    That photo of your boys running in t-shirts and shorts with snow on the ground is very strange! (I mean the weather is strange, not your boys running!)


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