Shirred Scoop Tee

A couple Valentine’s Days back, I started a tradition of making all of my boys a t-shirt for Valentine’s Day. The first year, I made them all matching but last year I decided to add variety because that’s more fun. And plus, Seth is getting a little too old to be matchy with his little brothers. He thinks so anyway.

This year, I decided that Jon and I need to get in on this t-shirt-for-Valentine’s-Day business too, so I want to make one for the whole family. And what better person to start with than me?!


We had a wind advisory all day today. Keep that in mind when looking at my hair. And my pictures aren’t the best because I waited all day to take them to see if the wind would die down. It never did, so when we finally took them it was late and we didn’t have much light.

I already had this lovely red rayon blend jersey from Mood, and it seemed meant to be a Valentine’s shirt for me.

I used my scoop tee pattern as a base for this top, but I went up a size bigger than I normally wear. For a long, long time I liked all my clothes to be really fitted. But I’m starting to see the virtues of having just a tad more relaxed fit in my tops. It’s a lot more comfortable!


I also added more width to the sleeves and lengthened them. I hate tight sleeves. They make me feel claustrophobic or something.


I added more length to the body of the pattern so that I could shirr the side seams. And I added a front pocket.

I spent longer than I want to admit making this simple top. I spent an hour just trying to decide how big to make the pocket and where exactly to place it!


The shirring took me awhile too.


I have shirred side seams in my tops before, and I’ve always done it with rubber elastic. But I watched a little tutorial by Angela Wolf showing a different way to do it and I decided to do it that way. She runs a basting stitch along the side seams and gathers them up, and then sews twill tape over the gathers to secure them. I decided that way would give me more control over the gathering-when I use the elastic it’s sometimes hard to gauge just how much I’m gathering up.

I liked doing it that way for sure. What took me so long was trying to decide how much to gather up the sides and how long to make them. Now that I know that, next time should be faster.

Well, I have one week until Valentine’s Day, one top done, and four to go!


I added this top to a fun link up to share women’s clothing over at Gray All Day. I linked up last week, and Helena was so nice to write a little bit about me in this week’s link up post.

6 thoughts on “Shirred Scoop Tee

  1. Michelle

    Oh perfect top!!! I love the fabric color. Red is such a pretty pick 🙂 I love the long sleeves. It looks so so comfy. Awesome Job! I can’t wait to see all the other ones.

    PS- The pics look fantastic. I’m seeing them on my computer and they look really really good. Not too dark at all.

  2. Beth

    Aw what a sweet idea! I like the shirring. I’ll try to remember to do it the gather, twill tape way whenever I shirr something one day.
    Good luck sewing four more in a week!! We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as much as you guys over the pond!

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