Sunday Sevens (#3)


It’s time for Sunday Sevens again!

1.  IMG_0743

It was like 40 degrees this week! That meant it was warm enough to ride Ezra to school on the bike. The boys really were having fun even though you can’t tell in this picture.

2. I had a fever and sore throat and chills for a day or two this week and had to sleep a lot. After Seth and Ezra were at school Owen watched shows next to me while I rested.


3. You guys,  more ties!


I think now I’ve got one made for all the people we know having little boys for awhile. For these, I figured out an easier way to sew the tie keeper on the back. I looked at a store bought tie we have and realized they only tack the tie keeper on at the four corners of the tie keeper, instead of all along both short sides. I did that and it was a lot faster.


4. Since it’s been so warm (for Rexburg in February) Jon put the trampoline up on Friday. The boys have been having a super time.


5.  IMG_0767

Yesterday I vacuumed my sewing room. I remember in the very first Craftsy class I ever watched, the instructor said something like, “After you clip your thread ends, you can throw them on the floor, or throw them in the garbage, or wherever.”

I remember thinking, “How could you throw your thread ends on the floor?! What a mess!”

But I’ve learned it’s just so convenient to throw them on the floor, ya know? At least I vacuum them up eventually.

6. We went to the park this week too! Only for a few minutes, but still. Ezra had a blast playing with the digger. I didn’t get a picture any closer than this because I didn’t want to walk through the snow, ha.IMG_0750

7. While we were at the park Owen slid down the slide to the melted water at the bottom of it.


He said, “There’s a river! But there’s no ducks in it.”

If you want to do a Sunday Sevens post too, then you should! You can click on the image at the top and it will take you to more info about it.

And…do you throw your thread ends on the floor, or am I the only one?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens (#3)

  1. KaCee

    Thanks for the idea about the tie keeper. I have usually kept the tie keeper off because it was too annoying to sew the whole thing. This is so much better!

  2. Beth

    Your weather confuses me!
    Haha the threads one made me laugh. I tend to put mine in a pile on the table or wherever I am but it all ends up on the floor… All over the house!
    I hope you’re feeling better now. Thank God for technology at those times when you’re ill with kids.

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