Sunday Sevens (#4)


Here’s seven things from this past week.

1. IMG_0783I wore my Archer with my skinny jeans and thought about how it’s a perfect, comfortable outfit.

2. IMG_0817

I got a wicked huge splinter in my thumb. Jon tried to dig it out and we thought it was all out, but it kept hurting so he had to dig in deeper and he finally got it all out with these tweezers. I’m so glad because the sliver was cramping my style. It hurt every time I tried to press the steam button on my iron with my thumb.

3. I usually rock Owen in the rocking chair for awhile every night before bed. But I guess he’s decided he’s too old for that because he’s not cool with doing it anymore and he just climbs inside his crib all by himself. So last week I started climbing in his crib with him so I can still tell him a bedtime story and stuff.


He thinks that’s pretty funny.

4. When I got back from a run Lucy licked the heck out of me. She loves that salty sweat I guess.


5. wpid1724-20150210-222515.jpg

For the Valentine’s Day party in Ezra’s class, I made this game for the kids to play. I got the idea from here.

6. IMG_0781

I made some muffins. We eat a lot of muffins at our house!

7. After church today we went on a family walk. Owen thinks he’s too big now to ride in a stroller but that’s ok because he’s a pretty quick little bugger!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens (#4)

  1. Michelle

    I love your shirt. It is a super cute one and you are right it does look fantastic with the jeans. Speaking of shirts I am trying to decide what shirt to make? I got some knit fabric from the fabric shop that I bought my machine and I got some thread on Friday but I am totally over thinking the whole project. I don’t know if I should just draft a pattern from a shirt that I love that I have or order a pattern or what. I don’t know anything about cuffs or collars and this all seems so overwhelming. How in the heck do you get started?


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