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Colette Ginger Skirt

I finished a skirt to go with my Parisian Top!


I used the Ginger skirt pattern by Colette Patterns. This is my first time using the pattern, and I loved it. I cut a size 8 based on my waist measurement (even though my hip measurement put me at a size 2 or 4. I’m much more straight than curvy.) and I think it fit just right.


I lined my skirt using this tutorial. This is the first time I’ve lined a skirt and I’m feeling so pumped that now I know how to do it. I love lined skirts but I’ve been afraid to try because I wasn’t sure how to sew the lining around the zipper, but it wasn’t bad at all.


I still finished my seams even though the tutorial suggested not finishing them. I can’t stand not doing it.


I used some stretch twill from Mood for the skirt, and some stretch charmeuse satin from for the lining. I love the twill and I think I have enough left to make Owen some Sunday pants. Hopefully!


I sewed one invisible zipper in back when I was first learning to sew, and that was it until I made this. I like invisible zippers and even though I thought it was hard to get the part below the zipper to look good, I think with some practice it’ll get easier and easier.

20150326 194249

I want to make more of these for sure. I wanted one that was a basic color so I could wear it a ton, and now I’m thinking some nice prints will be next.

20150326 194229

Sunday Sevens (#9)


Well, I’m a day late this time, but better late than never right? Here are seven things from my week.

1. IMG_1197We get a lot of our groceries from an organic food truck that comes into town every four weeks. It came and I was going to take a picture of all our spoils, but I forgot until everything was put away but this bag of wheat.

2. IMG_1165

Lucy curled up on Jon’s lap when he got home from work. She loves him soooo much.

3. IMG_1180

The cape on Ezra’s Lego man got lost, so Jon cut him out a new one from a scrap of my knit fabric.

4. IMG_1155

My legs were aching after a hard run so I slathered some peppermint oil on them. That’s my favorite thing for leg aches.

5. IMG_1172

Any time I use my mixer, Owen is right there to help me. This was when we made some muffins this week.

6. IMG_1213

We had a family golfing outing. It was soo windy and cold but Seth had a lot of fun anyway.

7. IMG_1193

Ezra had a fever and a cough one day this week and the only thing he said he would eat was cupcakes. So I made some whole wheat chocolate ones with vanilla frosting. They sure are tasty-they remind me of Oreos.

Owen Jeans (More Of Small Fry)


Well, after I finished Seth’s jeans I had a little bit of denim left over, and my machines were all threaded and everything for jeans, so I made Owen a pair too.

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. It’s just that I know how that one fits so I like to use it, ya know?

I did go up to a size 4 for these though (I’ve been using a size 3 for him) because I have serious hopes that these pants will fit Owen all through next Fall and Winter. That means they’re a tad baggy for now, but he’ll grow into ’em.


I usually do my elastic waistbands by serging the top of the pants, serging both long edges of the waistband, and then sewing the entire waistband to the pants all at once (except leaving the hole for the elastic of course to be sewn up after elastic insertion). This time, I decided to have a cleaner finish on the inside by doing the waistband the way I do it for regular jeans (like these instructions).


I added belt loops too, which is something I’ve never done before for pants with an elastic waistband.


After doing it both ways now, I think I like my easier way better of no belt loops and sewing the waistband on all at once! But it’s good to change things up I guess.


He’s wearing these pants with his polo I finished not too long ago, and I’m digging the combo. Plus he’s such a nice little model who patiently lets me snap pictures, and I really dig that too.



Seth’s Jeans (Small Fry)



I finished Seth’s jeans I was talking about in this post. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again-I’ve used it countless times now!



I made these with a fly instead of an elastic waistband, which was a first for Seth because up until now he has just wanted elastic waistband pants.



I had a hard time trying to figure out how to have them sit under his belly (which is how he wants to wear them, and I don’t blame him) without being too low in the back.

I did my best by adding more to the back crotch curve. I did this by adding about 1/2″ to the middle of the curve by cutting from the crotch curve to but not through the outseam and then lengthening the curve. Then I added a little bit to the end of the curve and blended it in with the inseam to add a little more crotch depth.

They fit pretty good, except for a little gaping in the back of the waistband. Next time I think I’ll try curving the yoke a little more to get rid of the gaping.

But they fit him better than store bought jeans, and Seth loves them! I finished them Saturday afternoon right before we were planning to leave for a family hike. Seth insisted that he needed to wear them on the hike, so he did.

20150314 160912

I used more of the same fabric I used for my last pair of jeans to make these. I still really like that fabric, but when I washed my jeans for the first time after finishing them, they shrunk quite a bit! It’s a good thing I made them a little long and not super snug. And that shrinking came after washing and drying the fabric four times before ever making anything out of it. I won’t be drying them again.

Anyway, Seth’s jeans are done. Hooray! They’re very good for trampoline jumping too.



Sunday Sevens (#8)


Here are seven things from my week.

1. IMG_1070

I got a package of zippers in the mail. I love looking at all the colors and dreaming of what I can make out of them.

2. IMG_1069

We walked to meet Jon when he was finished with work and Lucy was so excited to see him.

3. IMG_1072

We had more illness. I hope soon it will stop!


I walked past Downeast and snapped a picture of a cute skirt I’ll have to make one like.

IMG_1055I got a new book to use to teach Owen to read. He’s still a little young for most of it, but we’re using the letter flash cards for now at least.

6.IMG_1076We rode bikes around town to run some errands in the sunshine.

7.20150314 163813

We had a family hike and Ezra took this picture for us.

Have a good week!

My Sewing Queue (And Some Field Trip Cargos)

I have a long list of things I want to sew. I wish it didn’t take so long to make stuff! There’s not enough time in the world to make everything I want to make, so I have to narrow it down.

I usually buy fabric once a month. I buy it all online because there are no fabric shops by me. There is a Joann about 40 minutes away, but I don’t always find what I’m looking for there, and for some reason a 40 minute car ride can feel very long with my boys in tow so I don’t go there very often.

After I get my fabric, I usually plan out about 3-4 projects at a time so that I can make sure my fabrics are washed and I have the buttons, zippers, etc. that I need. I think it’s so fun to plan ahead like that! Jon calls it my sewing queue.

This week, first in my queue was a pair of pants for Ezra.


I finished these early in the week but it took forever to take pictures of them. We tried a couple of times but Ezra pouted and wanted to be done before we even started. Today, I wised up and asked him to bring one of his Lego creations out for the photo shoot. That lit his face right up and he kept asking me to take pictures of the Legos, ha.


I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants pattern for these, like I have so many times before. I’m really digging the more fitted jeans look right now on my boys, but Ezra won’t have it. He likes his pants to be pretty roomy.


20150313 093244

I used some black twill I had left over from the last pair of pants I made for Jon. I tried to make them a little less boring by using a smidge of red thread on the back pockets and the knee darts. It would have been better if I’d had heavier thread for the red, but I only had regular thread.

wpid1877-20150313-093319.jpg wpid1879-20150313-093340.jpg

Next up in my queue is a pair of jeans I’ve been working on for Seth for a few days. He decided he wants them to have a zipper instead of an elastic waist this time, and I’m feeling like it’s hard to get his waistband fitted right. I think it’s so much harder to fit someone else (other than myself) because I can’t feel what it feels like on the other person.

Plus Seth has a little belly and he likes his pants to sit under his belly in the front and I feel like having them sit that low in the front drags them down in the back. I added some to the back rise but I’m not sure if there are some other tricks I’m missing to accommodate for having pants fit under a belly.

If anybody out there knows some tricks for that, I’d love to hear!

I’ll end with one last picture of Ezra. It shows his utter elation at having a photo shoot with his Legos.

20150313 093347