Day Tripper Top (#2)

20150228 164907 I made a new top! I used the Day Tripper Pattern for the second time (the first one is here, and I’m even wearing the same grey skinny jeans in my pictures of the first one as I am for these pictures). I left out the shoulder tabs and the pockets for this one and that made it very fast to put together.
20150228 164903

I shortened the bottom by a couple of inches this time, and got rid of the high low hem. That was the only change I made to the pattern. Except for the collar of course that I shortened so it wasn’t floppy.

20150228 164855

I used some rayon jersey from for the body and some jersey from Mood for the trim. I was soooo lucky to have some navy jersey lying around (to match the navy stripes in the main fabric) because I didn’t think about what I’d use for the collar and stuff until right when I wanted to start making the top and I would have been bummed if I couldn’t find anything in my stash that would work.

I like quick projects like this. And I also love how the same pattern can come out looking so different depending on what fabric is used. It makes it fun.

20150228 164919

4 thoughts on “Day Tripper Top (#2)

  1. Elizabeth

    Cute! T-shirts are the ultimate brain cleanser–they take no time and they look great. It is handy to have bits and bobs of leftover knits for adding the binding for some contrast, and the navy is a nice foil to the grey stripes.

  2. Michelle

    Awe, I like this one ALOT. I liked the other one too but this one compliments your skin so perfect and the drape is different. It looks very very classy. The little adjustments you did look fantastic 🙂 I think I could totally make this top?? Maybe. I made one already and I wore it but I didn’t love the knit as much. It didn’t have great shape for the style that I made it in. It is funny that you mentioned how that can change the look a bit.

  3. Helena

    You are on fire with the cute tops lately! Nice work! And then jeans, too. Amazing productivity. I like the stripes and the contrast, great choice!


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