Sunday Sevens (#6)


It is time for Sunday Sevens again so here are seven things from my week. (Feel free to join in and write your own post about your week too!)

1.2015-02-24 08.10.18

We get our milk delivered once a week and the boys always help me bring it in out of our milk box.

2. 2015-02-25 18.18.44

I made an enormous stack of whole wheat tortillas. Well, I made the dough and cooked half of them, and then Jon cooked the other half because he’s nice.

3.2015-02-26 09.44.10

Then we ate those tortillas for like the next four meals. This was a breakfast burrito the next morning.

4.2015-02-28 15.23.52

There was some father/son guitar playing.

5.2015-02-27 09.10.50

We drew on white boards for awhile. That’s always a favorite of Ezra’s.

6.2015-02-28 21.27.34

I bought this pattern and started making a top.


We had a family bike ride across town to Walmart.

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