My Sewing Queue (And Some Field Trip Cargos)

I have a long list of things I want to sew. I wish it didn’t take so long to make stuff! There’s not enough time in the world to make everything I want to make, so I have to narrow it down.

I usually buy fabric once a month. I buy it all online because there are no fabric shops by me. There is a Joann about 40 minutes away, but I don’t always find what I’m looking for there, and for some reason a 40 minute car ride can feel very long with my boys in tow so I don’t go there very often.

After I get my fabric, I usually plan out about 3-4 projects at a time so that I can make sure my fabrics are washed and I have the buttons, zippers, etc. that I need. I think it’s so fun to plan ahead like that! Jon calls it my sewing queue.

This week, first in my queue was a pair of pants for Ezra.


I finished these early in the week but it took forever to take pictures of them. We tried a couple of times but Ezra pouted and wanted to be done before we even started. Today, I wised up and asked him to bring one of his Lego creations out for the photo shoot. That lit his face right up and he kept asking me to take pictures of the Legos, ha.


I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants pattern for these, like I have so many times before. I’m really digging the more fitted jeans look right now on my boys, but Ezra won’t have it. He likes his pants to be pretty roomy.


20150313 093244

I used some black twill I had left over from the last pair of pants I made for Jon. I tried to make them a little less boring by using a smidge of red thread on the back pockets and the knee darts. It would have been better if I’d had heavier thread for the red, but I only had regular thread.

wpid1877-20150313-093319.jpg wpid1879-20150313-093340.jpg

Next up in my queue is a pair of jeans I’ve been working on for Seth for a few days. He decided he wants them to have a zipper instead of an elastic waist this time, and I’m feeling like it’s hard to get his waistband fitted right. I think it’s so much harder to fit someone else (other than myself) because I can’t feel what it feels like on the other person.

Plus Seth has a little belly and he likes his pants to sit under his belly in the front and I feel like having them sit that low in the front drags them down in the back. I added some to the back rise but I’m not sure if there are some other tricks I’m missing to accommodate for having pants fit under a belly.

If anybody out there knows some tricks for that, I’d love to hear!

I’ll end with one last picture of Ezra. It shows his utter elation at having a photo shoot with his Legos.

20150313 093347

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    1. Bryanna Post author

      They aren’t reinforced, although that would be a good idea! Thanks for the adjustment link. I am going to go check it out now!

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