Seth’s Jeans (Small Fry)



I finished Seth’s jeans I was talking about in this post. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again-I’ve used it countless times now!



I made these with a fly instead of an elastic waistband, which was a first for Seth because up until now he has just wanted elastic waistband pants.



I had a hard time trying to figure out how to have them sit under his belly (which is how he wants to wear them, and I don’t blame him) without being too low in the back.

I did my best by adding more to the back crotch curve. I did this by adding about 1/2″ to the middle of the curve by cutting from the crotch curve to but not through the outseam and then lengthening the curve. Then I added a little bit to the end of the curve and blended it in with the inseam to add a little more crotch depth.

They fit pretty good, except for a little gaping in the back of the waistband. Next time I think I’ll try curving the yoke a little more to get rid of the gaping.

But they fit him better than store bought jeans, and Seth loves them! I finished them Saturday afternoon right before we were planning to leave for a family hike. Seth insisted that he needed to wear them on the hike, so he did.

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I used more of the same fabric I used for my last pair of jeans to make these. I still really like that fabric, but when I washed my jeans for the first time after finishing them, they shrunk quite a bit! It’s a good thing I made them a little long and not super snug. And that shrinking came after washing and drying the fabric four times before ever making anything out of it. I won’t be drying them again.

Anyway, Seth’s jeans are done. Hooray! They’re very good for trampoline jumping too.



4 thoughts on “Seth’s Jeans (Small Fry)

  1. Beth

    Oh you love this pattern don’t you! They look great, I love that your son is so happy with something Mum has made. I hope he didn’t get them dirty or ruined on your hike!

  2. Elizabeth

    Your topstitching looks great! I really like the back pocket stitching too. I always have the gap in the back…on my muslin, I fold out darts on the back waistband and transfer them to the pattern (usually they’re 3/8″ deep, so not super big, but it makes a huge fit difference). The darts usually want to sit around the area of the back side belt loops, not at CB.

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  4. Neela

    Hi Bryanna,
    You make the most amazing clothes for your family. Your sewing is just divine and I love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing. Nx


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