Owen Jeans (More Of Small Fry)


Well, after I finished Seth’s jeans I had a little bit of denim left over, and my machines were all threaded and everything for jeans, so I made Owen a pair too.

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. It’s just that I know how that one fits so I like to use it, ya know?

I did go up to a size 4 for these though (I’ve been using a size 3 for him) because I have serious hopes that these pants will fit Owen all through next Fall and Winter. That means they’re a tad baggy for now, but he’ll grow into ’em.


I usually do my elastic waistbands by serging the top of the pants, serging both long edges of the waistband, and then sewing the entire waistband to the pants all at once (except leaving the hole for the elastic of course to be sewn up after elastic insertion). This time, I decided to have a cleaner finish on the inside by doing the waistband the way I do it for regular jeans (like these instructions).


I added belt loops too, which is something I’ve never done before for pants with an elastic waistband.


After doing it both ways now, I think I like my easier way better of no belt loops and sewing the waistband on all at once! But it’s good to change things up I guess.


He’s wearing these pants with his polo I finished not too long ago, and I’m digging the combo. Plus he’s such a nice little model who patiently lets me snap pictures, and I really dig that too.



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