Sunday Sevens (#9)


Well, I’m a day late this time, but better late than never right? Here are seven things from my week.

1. IMG_1197We get a lot of our groceries from an organic food truck that comes into town every four weeks. It came and I was going to take a picture of all our spoils, but I forgot until everything was put away but this bag of wheat.

2. IMG_1165

Lucy curled up on Jon’s lap when he got home from work. She loves him soooo much.

3. IMG_1180

The cape on Ezra’s Lego man got lost, so Jon cut him out a new one from a scrap of my knit fabric.

4. IMG_1155

My legs were aching after a hard run so I slathered some peppermint oil on them. That’s my favorite thing for leg aches.

5. IMG_1172

Any time I use my mixer, Owen is right there to help me. This was when we made some muffins this week.

6. IMG_1213

We had a family golfing outing. It was soo windy and cold but Seth had a lot of fun anyway.

7. IMG_1193

Ezra had a fever and a cough one day this week and the only thing he said he would eat was cupcakes. So I made some whole wheat chocolate ones with vanilla frosting. They sure are tasty-they remind me of Oreos.

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