Colette Ginger Skirt

I finished a skirt to go with my Parisian Top!


I used the Ginger skirt pattern by Colette Patterns. This is my first time using the pattern, and I loved it. I cut a size 8 based on my waist measurement (even though my hip measurement put me at a size 2 or 4. I’m much more straight than curvy.) and I think it fit just right.


I lined my skirt using this tutorial. This is the first time I’ve lined a skirt and I’m feeling so pumped that now I know how to do it. I love lined skirts but I’ve been afraid to try because I wasn’t sure how to sew the lining around the zipper, but it wasn’t bad at all.


I still finished my seams even though the tutorial suggested not finishing them. I can’t stand not doing it.


I used some stretch twill from Mood for the skirt, and some stretch charmeuse satin from for the lining. I love the twill and I think I have enough left to make Owen some Sunday pants. Hopefully!


I sewed one invisible zipper in back when I was first learning to sew, and that was it until I made this. I like invisible zippers and even though I thought it was hard to get the part below the zipper to look good, I think with some practice it’ll get easier and easier.

20150326 194249

I want to make more of these for sure. I wanted one that was a basic color so I could wear it a ton, and now I’m thinking some nice prints will be next.

20150326 194229

3 thoughts on “Colette Ginger Skirt

  1. Helena

    Oh yes, I could see this skirt in a whole bunch of different colors and prints! It is great! And it looks very put together with that top.
    My trick with the invisible zippers is not to sew the seam up too far. You may have the tiniest hole, but it is backed by the zipper tape anyway. It lays a little flatter that way. But yours looks great, so do not worry! So luxurious that it is lined in charmeuse!

  2. Shantel

    It looks really good! I too want to learn how to line skirts since I hate, hate having to always wear a slip :0)

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