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Sunday Sevens (#7)


Here are 7 things from my week.

1. Monday was relatively warm and beautiful. When I got back from my run, I saw that Jon let Owen out to ride his tricycle with no pants on!

2015-03-02 11.56.21

2. Then Tuesday it snowed.

2015-03-03 07.56.16

3. Because of the snow, I ran at the indoor track on campus. Ezra and Owen ran some with me. Ezra really is so fast-he can out-sprint me.


4. 2015-03-02 18.30.40

This is what my kitchen looked like after dinner one night. Unfortunately, that’s what it looks like after dinner most nights!

5. We went to the library and the boys loved looking at the huge fish they have there.

2015-03-04 17.51.14

6. 2015-03-04 19.52.54

I used to be hardcore with my piano practicing but the past few years I’ve gone long stretches without playing at all. This week I played twice and I felt good about that.

7. Today the weather was absolutely fantastic so after church and naps we went on a walk to the park. We played some catch and it was fun.

2015-03-08 17.27.39

Parisian Top

20150305 191135

I finished my Parisian top that I mentioned I was making in my last post. It took me long enough!

Part of that was because I made a muslin first. I was only worried about the neckline being too low for me so I thought I’d check first.


It was too low for my liking , but only by a little bit. So I made the scoop on the pattern 1/4″ higher.

I also had to shorten the collar piece and the collar facing piece by quite a bit. Maybe I used a much stretchier fabric than the pattern was made for, because I had to cut 4-5 inches off of the collar in order to ease it on and make it lay right and not fall open.

But I love that collar! So I was happy to spend time making it look the way I wanted it to.


I cut a size small. Based on my measurements I could have gone with the small or one size down, but I chose the bigger and I like how it fits. I did have to add a little bit to the sleeve cuffs because they were too tight.


I left the band off of the bottom (even though I wanted it on there so bad!) because I’m planning on making a skirt to go with this top and it will need to be tucked in. I just added a few more inches to the length to compensate.

I got my fabric from Mood and it is soft and stretchy. I don’t think orange is a super flattering color on me, but I loved the print and it was something I could find that matched the brown I bought to make the skirt I want to make.


I really like this pattern and I want to make more tops-next time with a band on the bottom.

20150305 191122


Sunday Sevens (#6)


It is time for Sunday Sevens again so here are seven things from my week. (Feel free to join in and write your own post about your week too!)

1.2015-02-24 08.10.18

We get our milk delivered once a week and the boys always help me bring it in out of our milk box.

2. 2015-02-25 18.18.44

I made an enormous stack of whole wheat tortillas. Well, I made the dough and cooked half of them, and then Jon cooked the other half because he’s nice.

3.2015-02-26 09.44.10

Then we ate those tortillas for like the next four meals. This was a breakfast burrito the next morning.

4.2015-02-28 15.23.52

There was some father/son guitar playing.

5.2015-02-27 09.10.50

We drew on white boards for awhile. That’s always a favorite of Ezra’s.

6.2015-02-28 21.27.34

I bought this pattern and started making a top.


We had a family bike ride across town to Walmart.

Day Tripper Top (#2)

20150228 164907 I made a new top! I used the Day Tripper Pattern for the second time (the first one is here, and I’m even wearing the same grey skinny jeans in my pictures of the first one as I am for these pictures). I left out the shoulder tabs and the pockets for this one and that made it very fast to put together.
20150228 164903

I shortened the bottom by a couple of inches this time, and got rid of the high low hem. That was the only change I made to the pattern. Except for the collar of course that I shortened so it wasn’t floppy.

20150228 164855

I used some rayon jersey from for the body and some jersey from Mood for the trim. I was soooo lucky to have some navy jersey lying around (to match the navy stripes in the main fabric) because I didn’t think about what I’d use for the collar and stuff until right when I wanted to start making the top and I would have been bummed if I couldn’t find anything in my stash that would work.

I like quick projects like this. And I also love how the same pattern can come out looking so different depending on what fabric is used. It makes it fun.

20150228 164919