Zinnia Jacket By Blank Slate Patterns


I finished my jacket, just in time for some very jacket-needing weather. It has been cold!


I used the Zinnia Jacket pattern by Blank Slate Patterns. I like its sporty look and these are the kinds of jackets that I live in when the weather is cool.

This jacket has some unusual circular pockets and I have to say they gave me some grief at first. I knew I should have eased the binding onto the pocket opening, but the instructions didn’t say to do that and in the picture in the instructions the binding was flat against the pocket opening without being eased on at all.

So I sewed it on like the pattern said to, and they looked awful. So stretched out and gaping. I had to start the jacket over because it looked so bad.

For round two, I treated the pocket openings like two little t-shirt collars, and then they looked better.


I lined this jacket too. Since this was the first jacket I’ve ever made, I obviously hadn’t lined a jacket before either so I looked for a tutorial on how to line a zippered jacket but I really couldn’t find one. I decided that it had to be like lining a skirt, so I realized that it wouldn’t be too hard after all.


I made a little muslin for this jacket first, and I’m glad I did. My measurements fell right into the size small range, but when I cut out a small it was too small for me. It would have been quite tight when I zipped it shut, plus there was no arm room. So I cut a size medium. It seems this pattern runs a little bit small.

I used Laguna Stretch jersey for this jacket because I figured it would be ok to use lightweight fabric since I was lining it anyway. I think it turned out a nice weight for me.

This really isn’t my favorite project I’ve ever made. But it is warm and comfortable, and hey-now I’ve made a lined jacket so that counts for something!


6 thoughts on “Zinnia Jacket By Blank Slate Patterns

  1. Elizabeth

    It’s so cute! What a great color on you, too. I’ve been eyeing this jacket for a while. The pocket design is really unique and a cool sporty touch. It looks like a great jacket for family hikes and the such where more formal clothing would be out of place/impractical.

  2. Annie

    I have this pattern for my son and I had this thought that it would look cute on me! I am glad to see that your version looks splendid.

  3. Michelle

    It is awesome!!! I love the color you picked out, it looks fantastic 🙂 What a process making all the necessary adjustments and starting with the muslin tester-outer. Wow! I am always still inspired by your talent you are honing. It is amazing.


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