Messenger Bag

I needed a new bag to haul all my church stuff around in and I really wanted a messenger bag.  So I read a few free tutorials and settled on using this one.

I wasn’t super happy with this bag when I finished it. I wanted a bag that sits up by itself really well. I am inexperienced when it comes to making bags, and so I didn’t realize that this bag doesn’t have a wide enough bottom to sit up really well with books and binders in it.


Also, I got some weird puckers around the back of the bag where it starts turning into the flap. I didn’t know until I’d already turned the bag right side out, and I couldn’t bear to turn it wrong side out again to fix it because I didn’t leave a big enough opening and it was so hard to turn it the first time. The fusible fleece has some serious thickness!

I don’t even know if I could have fixed the puckers anyway. I think they might be because the back and the flap are all one piece. But I don’t know a lot about bag making, as I already said.



Also, I didn’t realize just how big the bag would turn out being! I used the measurements in the tutorial without giving it much thought.

However, I took the clock in the Relief Society room at church home with me so Jon could fix it, and I have to say that having a bag big enough to stow a clock in was pretty nice!


The bag has grown on me and I like it a lot now. It will suit my needs.


I am a little behind on posting my stuff. I love to post most everything I make for memory’s sake, so I need to get caught up on that soon!

2 thoughts on “Messenger Bag

  1. Annie

    I like have rough and tumble bags to haul things like clocks! or books or snacks and toys…this looks like that perfect bag. It also looks like you can throw it in the wash when icky things get on it or in it (as it does in my case!).


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