Violet Top By Colette Patterns

I mentioned that Jon said one of my recent makes (a top for me) looked like a clown costume. After he said that, I couldn’t look at my top without thinking of it that way and it was a real bummer. But I hung the shirt up in a place I could see it and I looked at it and examined it every day for a week. After that week, I decided Jon was nuts and that I liked the top after all.


I used the Violet Top pattern by Colette Patterns. I used some stretch poplin from and the color is not what I thought it was going to be. It’s a lot brighter and I was going for a more subdued yellow, but the fabric was cheap and I think it goes ok with my Ginger skirt.

The fitting of this top was a little hard. I went with a size 8, because that’s the size I used for my Ginger skirt. I made a muslin first (actually, two muslins!) and that was good because the 8 fit in the arms and across the back, but it was like a tent in the bust and in the torso.

I did a small bust adjustment (actually, Jon helped me with that because it was blowing my mind.) and also moved the bust dart up. The bust dart was sitting below my bust. I read some other reviews that said the same thing about the bust dart.

Then I graded the side seams down to a size 2. I also added a little bit of length to the top, and if I make it again I think I’ll add more because it’s on the short side.


I messed the collar up a little bit. On the muslin, I realized later that I had overlapped the front more than the pattern said to. So I shortened the collar to accommodate, but I shortened it too much. I’ll have to fix that for next time.


I also took some width out of the sleeves. They’re still pretty full even after that, so they are some wide sleeves for the view I made. But I like ’em.


Oh, one other thing was that I hate facings that aren’t sewn down securely, so I tucked the facing under all along the fronts and around the collar and sewed it down.

I think that’s it.

I think this is a good dressy top for me and clown costume or not, I’m going to wear it!

wpid2040-20150419-112613.jpg wpid2037-20150419-112621.jpg


6 thoughts on “Violet Top By Colette Patterns

  1. Annie

    I love it — including the color. All you hard work paid off because the fit looks incredible. I have had such bad luck with Colette patterns fitting (i.e. I have to do a million things to get it right that it rather seems pointless). Maybe I will revisit my Peony pattern…

  2. Elizabeth

    For some odd reason I’m totally imagining all the different elements of this top separately. The collar is really cute, and I think sleeveless, plus a gathered or bias cut skirt, it’d make a fantastic sundress. The gathered yoke and the sleeves are also both so feminine. I say you should enjoy this one, and good for going with your gut on it!

  3. Neela

    This is such a cute little top. I love the colour of you, it looks fantastic. Yes, Jon is nuts. You should wear more yellow, after all, Summer’s on it’s way! Nee x

  4. Helena

    How happy and bright! I should make this pattern up. I bought it like a year ago and printed and assembled it, then realized I had printed the wrong scale and I needed to reprint. So I lost my mojo for that. But it is such a pretty, ladylike blouse! I like yours a lot, Bryanna!


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