Ezra’s New Art Museum Trousers


I made Ezra a pair of Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers almost two years ago and he’s been so good to them. He hasn’t even outgrown them-except that they were getting a bit short on him.

Then he skinned his knee and got blood all over them and I decided it was time for a new pair. I cut the same size as the last ones (a size 5) and just made sure they were longer.


I used the scrap of twill I had left over from my Ginger skirt¬†and I think it made some pretty rad boy’s Sunday pants.


I am loving making welt pockets lately. They’ve taken me a lot of practice, but I think I’m (slowly) getting better at them.

wpid2049-20150419-112815.jpg wpid2051-20150419-112829.jpg

I do love this pattern. I think this was my sixth time using it and it makes some super Sunday pants.


4 thoughts on “Ezra’s New Art Museum Trousers

  1. Elizabeth

    Your welts are looking nice! This looks like a great weight of twill for boys’ pants. My boys all need pants at the moment too…I’m debating whether they need to be shorts or regular pants. Do you know of any good boys’ short patterns? My Ottobres seem to be failing me at the moment.

    1. Bryanna Post author

      I like the Sunny Day Shorts pattern by Oliver + S for just easy shorts that are good for play. It’s a free pattern-have you seen it? I had to lengthen it a good three inches or so because it was so short, plus I added pockets to it. But I used that a ton last summer. And then there’s my trusty Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern that I’m going to use to make shorts this summer too.


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