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Christmas Gifts: Men’s Neck Ties

I’ve been making ties this week for some family members.


I know it’s kinda boring that they’re all from the same fabric, but it’s cheaper that way so that’s what I did. Plus, I really like this fabric. It’s some home decor fabric from fabric.com.

Two of these ties are for some really tall guys, so I lengthened my tie pattern. I added two inches to the end of the front tie piece.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

And of course I had Jon model one of the ties.

wpid1459-20141217-212824.jpgI think it looks good with the shirt and pants he’s wearing.

wpid1457-20141217-212819.jpgP.S. I made some baby pants using my trusty Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pattern for my nephew too. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to model them.


Christmas Gifts: Reversible Totes


I have been busy sewing a load of Christmas presents for family. Last week, I made these reversible tote bags. I’ve never made a bag like this before, but I used a free class from Craftsy called Bag Making Basics¬†with Kristin Link to learn how to make these. The class was great and they were fun to make.


The dandelion and chevron fabrics are a nice medium weight twill. I really like these fabrics and they were easy to sew with. The yellow fabric is some quilting cotton. I wanted to use twill for all of it, but I needed yellow and I was having a hard time finding solid yellow twill.


For the lining of the bag with the chevron exterior, I used some fabric I had left over from when we made our curtains and some couch pillows. The quilting cotton and the heavy, polyester curtain fabric were a bad match because the cotton had some give to it but the polyester had no give at all. I had to tuck a little bit of the quilting cotton over because it was impossible to ease it all when I attached the lining and the exterior together. I was sad about the tuck, but at least it’s a small tuck I guess.

I loved making these bags. I am thinking I will make these when I need gifts for a long time to come.