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DownEast Dress

I was walking past DownEast awhile ago and  I saw a mannequin wearing a dress I thought was cute. So I took a picture of the dress through the window because I wanted to try and copy the dress sometime.

I finally decided to try this week. I just combined my scoop tee pattern with my maxi skirt pattern, and then added a tie around the waist and some belt loops. 
It’s a super comfortable dress. I rode my bike to church in it and it worked out great!
And here’s a picture of Owen in his new Sunday shirt. He’s turning into such a little man.

Maxi Dress

I finished a maxi dress this weekend. I used a pattern that came with a class I bought on craftsy.com about sewing with knits. I lengthened the pattern since it was for an above the knee dress. I also took out a ton of taper because it was too full for what I wanted.

And the bodice needed a lot of work. It fit way, way too big on me. I think that even on someone a lot more chesty than me there would be excess fabric in this pattern.

So here it is.

It was really windy when Jon took these pictures.