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Archer #2, Plus Another Pair of Sunny Day Shorts


I made another Archer, and it only took me 5 months to do it! I bought the fabric to make another one in February. Since it’s now June I decided to make it short sleeved.

wpid2152-20150603-190544.jpgI widened the sleeve a little for the short sleeves, and I bound the bottom of the sleeves.

I changed the pocket on this one to a dainty little thing. The original pockets are too overwhelming to me.

I bought this fabric at Mood, and it is soooo lightweight that it started coming apart in a few places (I’m sure I should have been using some ultra thin sewing machine needles. The smallest I had were size 80, so I used those). I’m afraid the shirt won’t last long. If it doesn’t I’ll be sad because since the fabric was so hard to work with it took forever to make this shirt.

wpid2156-20150603-190556.jpg wpid2154-20150603-190601.jpg wpid2149-20150603-190530.jpg

I also made Ezra a pair of Sunny Day shorts, just like I recently did for his brothers. It feels summery out there, finally!  Definitely shorts weather. We’re going camping tomorrow to enjoy it. Ok…camping…in a cabin. But still. It will be fun!

wpid2141-20150603-190315.jpg wpid2143-20150603-190355.jpg wpid2145-20150603-190426.jpg


My Sewing Queue (And Some Field Trip Cargos)

I have a long list of things I want to sew. I wish it didn’t take so long to make stuff! There’s not enough time in the world to make everything I want to make, so I have to narrow it down.

I usually buy fabric once a month. I buy it all online because there are no fabric shops by me. There is a Joann about 40 minutes away, but I don’t always find what I’m looking for there, and for some reason a 40 minute car ride can feel very long with my boys in tow so I don’t go there very often.

After I get my fabric, I usually plan out about 3-4 projects at a time so that I can make sure my fabrics are washed and I have the buttons, zippers, etc. that I need. I think it’s so fun to plan ahead like that! Jon calls it my sewing queue.

This week, first in my queue was a pair of pants for Ezra.


I finished these early in the week but it took forever to take pictures of them. We tried a couple of times but Ezra pouted and wanted to be done before we even started. Today, I wised up and asked him to bring one of his Lego creations out for the photo shoot. That lit his face right up and he kept asking me to take pictures of the Legos, ha.


I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants pattern for these, like I have so many times before. I’m really digging the more fitted jeans look right now on my boys, but Ezra won’t have it. He likes his pants to be pretty roomy.


20150313 093244

I used some black twill I had left over from the last pair of pants I made for Jon. I tried to make them a little less boring by using a smidge of red thread on the back pockets and the knee darts. It would have been better if I’d had heavier thread for the red, but I only had regular thread.

wpid1877-20150313-093319.jpg wpid1879-20150313-093340.jpg

Next up in my queue is a pair of jeans I’ve been working on for Seth for a few days. He decided he wants them to have a zipper instead of an elastic waist this time, and I’m feeling like it’s hard to get his waistband fitted right. I think it’s so much harder to fit someone else (other than myself) because I can’t feel what it feels like on the other person.

Plus Seth has a little belly and he likes his pants to sit under his belly in the front and I feel like having them sit that low in the front drags them down in the back. I added some to the back rise but I’m not sure if there are some other tricks I’m missing to accommodate for having pants fit under a belly.

If anybody out there knows some tricks for that, I’d love to hear!

I’ll end with one last picture of Ezra. It shows his utter elation at having a photo shoot with his Legos.

20150313 093347

Two More Shirts

wpid1745-20150214-014940.jpgWell, I didn’t get all of our Valentine’s Day shirts finished this week. I am the room mom in Ezra’s class at school and so I had to plan and do his Valentine’s Day party. That took a lot of my extra time and then tack on that we’ve had more illness this week (I am so done with sickness!) and there wasn’t enough time to make all of them.

But I got Ezra’s and Owen’s done and I’m happy about that.

For Ezra’s, I used my Children’s T-Shirt Pattern.


I used a size 6 for him for the first time (He turned six last September). And I widened the sleeves a little bit. I do that with all of the t-shirts I make with this pattern for my boys. I was trying to make the sleeve work for a girl too and look a little feminine. But for my boys I like it wider.


I used some fabric from Banberry Place for this shirt. Ezra loves the print and says it’s his “Captain America shirt”.


The fabric is super, super thin. I’m worried it’s going to fall apart after a few washes. And, the fabric came with small holes all down it in one section.

Can you see the little holes there?

Can you see the little holes there?

I emailed the company about the holes because I wanted to keep the fabric and I was just hoping to have a price reduction or something. But I never heard back from them. So I decided to work around the holes and it turned out alright.

For the collar, I used some Laguna stretch fabric.


Ezra was in a super bad mood when I took these pictures. I had to promise a treat when it was over so that all of the pictures didn’t look like this:


For Owen’s polo, I also used my T-Shirt pattern.


I used a collar from a different pattern I have. For the placket, I measured a ready to wear polo Owen has so I would know how big to make the rectangles. Then I cut down the center front of the t-shirt and made the placket with my cut rectangles.

I made a little facing and sewed it over the collar seam allowance.


I should have cut a longer slit for the placket, because it’s just a tad snug going over his big head. Next time I will make it longer.


I think I might need to figure out a better way to do plackets, though. I sewed on the two separate strips and then pulled them through at the bottom to the inside of the shirt and then tacked them down really well. It was so hard to get them looking right! I would rather sew a fly into a pair of jeans any day than make a placket the way I’ve been doing it.


This fabric was also from Banberry place. I used some of it already to make a t-shirt for Seth and I realized that because of its weight, it would make a better polo than a t-shirt. It’s a bit heavy for a t-shirt. But it’s nice fabric.


Next up, I’m going to finish Jon’s and Seth’s t-shirts!



Two Pairs of Pants

I recently finished two pairs of pants-one for Seth and one for Ezra. For Seth’s pair, I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern like I have for his last few pairs.


I used some denim from fabric.com for these. It’s nice denim, but it was a little heavier than I thought it was going to be. It still works, but next time I’ll make sure I don’t use 10 oz. denim for fitted jeans because I think it’s too heavy for that.

wpid1391-20141206-132751.jpg wpid1393-20141206-132921.jpg

I made these like the last pairs so there’s nothing new in the construction. Seth still wants pants with an elastic waistband because they’re more comfortable. I am thinking that will have to change soon, but for now it’s easier so why not?

wpid1397-20141206-132957.jpg wpid1395-20141206-132933.jpg wpid1399-20141206-133001.jpgFor Ezra’s pair, I used my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern. I’ve used it lots of times and I still really like it.


Ezra broke his elbow so he has a bit of cast peeking out there.

His last pair ended up being too short after about two weeks because he’s growing tall so fast, so I made sure to make this pair longer. I still used a size 5 though.

wpid1401-20141206-134616.jpg wpid1403-20141206-134656.jpg

Ezra is sooo picky about what color his clothes are. I was going to use the same fabric to make these that I used to make Seth’s pair, but Ezra said he wouldn’t wear them because that blue is “too dark”. Lucky for me, I had this bit of tan denim that he said would be ok.


Ezra made that bracelet at school and he’s wearin’ it proudly.

I really like the dark topstitching on the lighter fabric. And apparently it passes Ezra’s strict standards, because he’s been wearing them. Doing tricks in them, even.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Ezra’s pants finished off the 6 yards of that tan denim that I bought in August. This is all that was left of it after cutting out his pants:


I love finishing off the last bit of a huge load of fabric. It feels really good. With those 6 yards, I made pants for Seth, Owen, Ezra, and me. I think that’s pretty rad.


Clockwise from top left: My jeans, Ezra’s cargos, Seth’s jeans, and Owen’s jeans.

Two T-Shirts

I made Owen a long sleeved t-shirt with my t-shirt pattern.


I found this adorable monkey knit that I wanted to use, but I thought that making the whole shirt out of the monkeys might be a little too much. So I color blocked it (maybe I monkey blocked it?).


The shirt was already dirty by the time I got around to taking these pictures. I tried to sponge off some of the dirtiness, and that is why there is a wet mark on the pocket.



Close-up of the wet mark.

To make my pattern long sleeved, I took a long sleeved t-shirt he already had that fit well and used that for a reference. I measured the length of the sleeve and then made my pattern piece that long. Then I measured the width at the bottom of the sleeve and made my pattern that wide. Then I connected those points to make the rest of the sleeve and then added seam allowance.


Blowing kisses.


Ezra watched me make this monkey shirt and asked if he could have a new t-shirt too. So I made him one when I was finished with the monkeys.

I didn’t get great pictures of this shirt, but he’s already worn the heck out of it (and I only finished it last week!) and it’s got stains and stuff. So these pictures will have to do.

wpid1276-20141024-075625.jpg wpid1282-20141024-075639.jpg

He chose the color scheme. But I was very happy to go with these colors because the first ones he picked looked eye-wrenching together.

I used some jersey with spandex for both his and Owen’s t-shirts, like I always do.

wpid1280-20141024-075635.jpg wpid1278-20141024-075631.jpg

Ezra’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans (And A School Clothes Collage)


I finished Ezra’s last pair of school pants-hooray! I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern by Titchy Threads for this pair. This was my first time using this pattern, and I liked it.

I didn’t use the pattern to its fullest, though. The pants include instructions for a zip fly or a half fly and an adjustable waistband. I chose to do a faux fly and an elasticated waistband.

I chose to do this because 1) Ezra said he absolutely did not want zip pants, and 2) since this was my first time making these pants, I didn’t want to waste a lot of time putting in a zipper and making an adjustable waistband if they ended up being something Ezra doesn’t want to wear.

I think they turned out nice the way I made them, but they would probably look better if I made them the “proper” way.

wpid1094-20140822-181059.jpg wpid1090-20140822-181007.jpg

I made Ezra a size 5, and I think they fit pretty well. The sizing chart on the pattern seemed to be very accurate, so it was a good guide. They are definitely fitted jeans! I think they look cute on Ezra.

wpid1097-20140822-181245.jpg wpid1096-20140822-181240.jpg wpid1100-20140822-181258.jpg

I used some mid-weight stretch denim from fabric.com for these. It turned out to be very nice denim.

I also used my rivet press to add some rivets.

wpid1107-20140822-181317.jpg wpid1101-20140822-181306.jpg

Ezra is sick of me taking pictures of him in clothes for sure! It was really hard to get a smile out of him, but when I told him I was all done taking pictures he looked like this:


I also finished a pair of these jeans for Seth, but I haven’t taken any pictures of him wearing them yet. Then I need to make him one more pair of pants and I’ll be done with making school clothes for now.

I wanted a picture of all my hard work in one place, so even though Seth’s last pair of pants will be missing from this picture and so will the outfit Ezra is currently wearing (He had Meet The Teacher Day today and was so excited to wear his new clothes for it), I took what I could get.


This picture also includes one shirt and one pair of shorts for each of them that I made at the beginning of the summer. They’re still in good shape so I’m counting them as school clothes.