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Shirred Scoop Tee

A couple Valentine’s Days back, I started a tradition of making all of my boys a t-shirt for Valentine’s Day. The first year, I made them all matching but last year I decided to add variety because that’s more fun. And plus, Seth is getting a little too old to be matchy with his little brothers. He thinks so anyway.

This year, I decided that Jon and I need to get in on this t-shirt-for-Valentine’s-Day business too, so I want to make one for the whole family. And what better person to start with than me?!


We had a wind advisory all day today. Keep that in mind when looking at my hair. And my pictures aren’t the best because I waited all day to take them to see if the wind would die down. It never did, so when we finally took them it was late and we didn’t have much light.

I already had this lovely red rayon blend jersey from Mood, and it seemed meant to be a Valentine’s shirt for me.

I used my scoop tee pattern as a base for this top, but I went up a size bigger than I normally wear. For a long, long time I liked all my clothes to be really fitted. But I’m starting to see the virtues of having just a tad more relaxed fit in my tops. It’s a lot more comfortable!


I also added more width to the sleeves and lengthened them. I hate tight sleeves. They make me feel claustrophobic or something.


I added more length to the body of the pattern so that I could shirr the side seams. And I added a front pocket.

I spent longer than I want to admit making this simple top. I spent an hour just trying to decide how big to make the pocket and where exactly to place it!


The shirring took me awhile too.


I have shirred side seams in my tops before, and I’ve always done it with rubber elastic. But I watched a little tutorial by Angela Wolf showing a different way to do it and I decided to do it that way. She runs a basting stitch along the side seams and gathers them up, and then sews twill tape over the gathers to secure them. I decided that way would give me more control over the gathering-when I use the elastic it’s sometimes hard to gauge just how much I’m gathering up.

I liked doing it that way for sure. What took me so long was trying to decide how much to gather up the sides and how long to make them. Now that I know that, next time should be faster.

Well, I have one week until Valentine’s Day, one top done, and four to go!


I added this top to a fun link up to share women’s clothing over at Gray All Day. I linked up last week, and Helena was so nice to write a little bit about me in this week’s link up post.

T-Shirt Dress


I made a new dress, and I am in love with it. It’s so comfortable!

For the pattern, I did the same thing that I did for this dress. I took my Scoop Tee Pattern and my Maxi Skirt Pattern and lined them up at the hip to make a dress.


Then for the two front pockets, I basically traced around my hand and added a seam allowance.


I’ve had this fabric for awhile. I love the print so much, but the fabric is so incredibly thin that it’s see-through. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it because of its see-throughness, but I finally decided I would because I love those chunky stripes. I definitely have to wear an undershirt and a slip with this dress, though.


You can clearly see the undershirt through the dress.

I have tried a few ways for making my collars, but I always go back to cutting a long strip of fabric and going by feel instead of cutting a strip that is a certain percentage shorter than the neck opening. Since every fabric has such different stretch I find it hard to do it that way. Plus, I like to pull the collar fabric tighter around the deeper curves of the neck than around the more shallow curves. This video I found shows exactly what I like to do:


And that’s it. I love knit fabric. It is the best!



My Striped V Neck


I have a new top, and I think this is my favorite right now. I love the colors and it’s very comfortable.

I used my scoop tee pattern to start with, and then I changed it to a v neck.


I also lengthened the armscye by 1/4″. I feel like my other tops are kind of up in my armpits too much. That extra 1/4″ made it a lot more comfortable.

I also added just a tad bit of width to the sleeve. I don’t like my sleeves to be too tight.

My favorite addition to this shirt is the little pocket. I love it! I borrowed the size 12 pocket from my boys’ Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan t-shirt pattern.


I used Riley Blake knit for this top. Their knit is a tad expensive, but it is nice fabric.

I used ribbing for the trim, and I think I’m so over ribbing. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all the ribbing I have stretches sooo much and it doesn’t have very good recovery. But I wanted navy trim and the only navy knit I had was ribbing.

I love tops like this. I could live in them every day, and I pretty much do.


Skirt And Top

I have a new outfit. wpid817-20140607-161433.jpgThe skirt is from my maxi skirt pattern. I added about an inch to the length of this one because I wanted it a little longer than others I’ve made.

I got a really good deal on a Craftsy class called Pant Fitting Techniques. I’ve been watching it and I’ve learned some nice things so far. One thing I realize now is that my natural waistline is high in the back and pretty low in the front. So for this skirt, I came down lower gradually from the side seams and ended up two inches lower at the center front.

I’m not sure if that makes sense, and I forgot to take a picture of the waistline. But I really like how it fits me now. I don’t have to slouch the front down to where I want it to hit because the waistband just hits there.wpid819-20140607-161447.jpg

For the top, I used my scoop tee pattern and made gathers in the front like I did for my chevron top.


I used the regular scoop tee sleeve for this one, but I did add a little bit of width to the sleeve. Last year when I drafted this pattern I didn’t have much muscle mass in my arms. But then I started swinging heavy kettlebells (heavy for me anyway!) and over the past year, I’ve grown some guns and my pattern fits a little snugly in the bicep area. The pattern slopes in a little for the body of the sleeve, so I changed it to be at a 90 degree angle with the end of the armscye. That gave me just a bit of room, but it was enough.

For both the top and the skirt I used rayon fabric with a little bit of spandex in it. I just love the drape of rayon so much.

I love working with knits because they’re so easy. I had a new skirt and top real quick and they’re very comfortable too.