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Sewing Sabbatical, Plus Seth’s Jeans

Well, I took quite a long break from this blog because I took quite a long break from sewing.

I tend to get very obsessed with things and so last Spring I felt like sewing was kinda taking over my life. Not even that I was spending all day sewing, but that so much of my energy was going into it-planning projects, picking out fabric, reading sewing blogs…it all adds up. My life picked up and got busier than ever and so I decided to stop sewing for awhile because I just couldn’t keep up with everything.

I figured I would start again when I felt like it. I assumed that would happen in a couple of weeks, but it didn’t! I think I burned myself out. We basically didn’t buy any clothes at all for two and a half years because I made them all, for our family of 5. My sewing had become like a job!

Then a couple of weeks ago I was with a friend who was talking about her Christmas present sewing projects. While I was talking to her, I thought, sewing sounds fun. So I went home and picked out a pattern and some fabric I had on a shelf and started sewing.

I’m enjoying it again, with plans to be a moderate home sewer! No more making all of everyone’s clothes.

It’s a good think I decided to pick it back up, because we have looked high and low for some pants that will fit Seth, but we just can’t find any. So of course my first project back at it was a pair of pants for Seth.

I have to say that my project pictures won’t be anything fancy. I sold my camera last Spring and am using my phone camera now. Plus, it’s cold and snowy so there’s no way I’m taking any pictures outside right now! This is mostly so I have a record of my projects.

I made him more Small Fry Skinny jeans-the biggest size with some inches added to the inseams and outseams. Plus an elastic waistband because that’s what fits his body the best.

The fabric is Ralph Lauren stretch denim from Mood.

2015-11-20 07.56.57

“I’m too cool for pictures.”

2015-11-20 07.55.23 2015-11-20 07.55.26 2015-11-20 07.56.21


Gray Theory Stretch Denim

I got to sew today for the first time in awhile and it felt soo good! I have missed it.

I have been working away at a huge pile of awesome Theory stretch denim I got from Mood. I got a swatch of it a few months ago and it took me forever to decide if I wanted to order some or not. The description said it had a very slight stretch, and the swatch was so tiny that I couldn’t tell for sure how much stretch it had.

But I decided to go ahead and order 5 yards of it and I’m glad I did because it rocks.

I made Owen a pair of Sunny Day Shorts out of it.


I like this pattern cuz it’s free and easy to customize. I added front pockets.

wpid2116-20150526-155454.jpg wpid2119-20150526-155459.jpg

And some square back pockets.

wpid2121-20150526-155507.jpg wpid2123-20150526-155513.jpg

I had to add several inches of length to this pattern though because it’s really short for boys.


I also made Seth a pair of Sunny Day Shorts.


More front pockets.


And I made one double welt pocket on the back.

wpid2133-20150525-101411.jpg wpid2131-20150525-101419.jpg


I also made a pair of capris for me out of this denim. I took some pictures of them right after I finished them (not on me) and I’m going to put them up here just in case I never get around to having Jon take some of me wearing them. At least I’ll have some documentation.


Do you like my duct tape?

wpid2102-20150520-084444.jpg wpid2104-20150520-084457.jpg wpid2106-20150520-084540.jpg wpid2108-20150520-084600.jpg

Now I’m finishing a pair of shorts for Ezra and then my 5 yards will be almost gone.

Owen Jeans (More Of Small Fry)


Well, after I finished Seth’s jeans I had a little bit of denim left over, and my machines were all threaded and everything for jeans, so I made Owen a pair too.

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. It’s just that I know how that one fits so I like to use it, ya know?

I did go up to a size 4 for these though (I’ve been using a size 3 for him) because I have serious hopes that these pants will fit Owen all through next Fall and Winter. That means they’re a tad baggy for now, but he’ll grow into ’em.


I usually do my elastic waistbands by serging the top of the pants, serging both long edges of the waistband, and then sewing the entire waistband to the pants all at once (except leaving the hole for the elastic of course to be sewn up after elastic insertion). This time, I decided to have a cleaner finish on the inside by doing the waistband the way I do it for regular jeans (like these instructions).


I added belt loops too, which is something I’ve never done before for pants with an elastic waistband.


After doing it both ways now, I think I like my easier way better of no belt loops and sewing the waistband on all at once! But it’s good to change things up I guess.


He’s wearing these pants with his polo I finished not too long ago, and I’m digging the combo. Plus he’s such a nice little model who patiently lets me snap pictures, and I really dig that too.



Seth’s Jeans (Small Fry)



I finished Seth’s jeans I was talking about in this post. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again-I’ve used it countless times now!



I made these with a fly instead of an elastic waistband, which was a first for Seth because up until now he has just wanted elastic waistband pants.



I had a hard time trying to figure out how to have them sit under his belly (which is how he wants to wear them, and I don’t blame him) without being too low in the back.

I did my best by adding more to the back crotch curve. I did this by adding about 1/2″ to the middle of the curve by cutting from the crotch curve to but not through the outseam and then lengthening the curve. Then I added a little bit to the end of the curve and blended it in with the inseam to add a little more crotch depth.

They fit pretty good, except for a little gaping in the back of the waistband. Next time I think I’ll try curving the yoke a little more to get rid of the gaping.

But they fit him better than store bought jeans, and Seth loves them! I finished them Saturday afternoon right before we were planning to leave for a family hike. Seth insisted that he needed to wear them on the hike, so he did.

20150314 160912

I used more of the same fabric I used for my last pair of jeans to make these. I still really like that fabric, but when I washed my jeans for the first time after finishing them, they shrunk quite a bit! It’s a good thing I made them a little long and not super snug. And that shrinking came after washing and drying the fabric four times before ever making anything out of it. I won’t be drying them again.

Anyway, Seth’s jeans are done. Hooray! They’re very good for trampoline jumping too.



Dark Jeans (With Mood Fabric)

20150225 190527

I finished my pair of jeans-with no leg twist this time! I can’t explain how pumped I am about this.

See that straight inseam?!

See that straight inseam?!

I spent so much time trying to figure out what could be causing the legs to twist. The first time it happened I thought maybe I just wasn’t careful enough when sewing the inseam and my feed dogs pulled one side through faster than the other.

That didn’t turn out to be it, and so then I thought maybe I somehow wasn’t cutting my pattern pieces out on grain. So I meticulously cut my fabric out, one leg at a time and was oh so careful.

That wasn’t it either, and so then I knew there had to be something wrong with my pattern. It is self-drafted after all, so why wouldn’t I have screwed something up?

I thought the grainlines had to be off on the pattern, so Jon and I spent a lot of time examining the grainlines on the pair of jeans I drafted my pattern from and the grainline on my pattern pieces, but they looked identical to us so we didn’t think that was it either.

I finally decided to just make a muslin and play around with it and when I did, I was able to figure out what was wrong. And guess what it was? The outseam on the front and back pattern pieces didn’t match up. The back was longer than the front.

There's no pocket facing attached in this picture so it looks even worse than it actually was, but you can kind of get an idea.

There’s no pocket facing attached in this picture so it looks even worse than it actually was, but you can kind of get an idea.

When I sewed all my pairs of jeans together, I sewed the inseam and then pinned and sewed the outseams. But I started pinning and sewing at the hip and so since the front was shorter, it got twisted as I pinned it to the back and by the time I got to the hem it was a bit of a mess.

There was a pretty big difference-the back was about 1 1/2″ longer than the front. I knew I didn’t want my front that much higher and I knew I didn’t want my back that much lower, so for an inch of the length I tapered the back, starting at the center back and tapering down to 1″ by the time I got to the outseam.

Then for the remaining 1/2″ I split it in half and took 1/4″ off the back yoke (I tapered from the center down to the outseam again) and added 1/4″ to the front outseam (I added the 1/4″ to the outseam but then tapered down to zero by the time I hit center front).

It worked! And I learned from this that I should start pinning the outseam from the hem up. It makes sense, because the hem is supposed to be perpendicular to the grainline. If I pin that first then I can make sure the pieces stay on grain.


20150225 190538

Anyway, I love these. I got the fabric from Mood (It was this right here) and it’s my favorite fabric yet I’ve made jeans out of.

20150225 190620 20150225 190613 20150225 190607

I made them with a little bit of a tapered leg, like my last pair (and in the pictures of that last pair you can see the inseam twisting).

This pattern has been a work in progress for awhile, but I think I can finally say that this pair is just the way I want it!




Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Another Pair)


I had a scrap of denim left over from my brown jeans just big enough to make Owen a pair of jeans too. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I do like that pattern a lot.

I left these a little too long, but it’s just that he grows so fast and I want them to fit as long as possible! They’re a little baggy in the legs because of the extra length, but that’s ok with me.



I love when he puts his hands in those little pockets. Speaking of pockets, I love to baste my pockets shut right after they’re constructed so they will be sure to lay flat while I’m putting the waistband on and installing the rivets.

Anyway, I’m glad Owen has another pair of pants now because he can always use more pants.

Has anyone else used the Small Fry pattern? Do you love it?