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Ethan Button-Up And More Art Museum Trousers

We had to go to a wedding last week and all the boys needed black pants and white shirts for it. Owen didn’t have either of these things, so I made him some.


I’ll just say now that none of the pictures of the shirt and pants show a lot of detail, but they’re good enough I think because I don’t want to take any more!

Anyway, I used my trusty Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers pattern for the pants and I’ve talked about that pattern a bunch of times already. I used a scrap of black twill I had left over from some pants I made for Jon.

wpid2072-20150430-193719.jpg wpid2070-20150430-193725.jpg

For the shirt, I used this Ethan pattern from Sis Boom Patterns.


It was my first time using that pattern, and I thought it was pretty good. I had some trouble understanding how to do the front buttonhole placket. I’ve never seen it done in that way before, and I did it wrong the first time. Then I realized how to do it right so I ripped it off and fixed it.

The pattern has 1/4″ seam allowances, and I hate 1/4″ seam allowances. The instructions said to glue things a lot before sewing with a fabric glue stick, but I think it would have been better to have just included bigger seam allowances in the pattern than to have to glue things together.

I just added more seam allowance to my pattern pieces before cutting out though, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Also, the pattern only came with long sleeves and I wanted short sleeves, so I just altered it a little to make short sleeves.


I didn’t have time to order any fabric, so I went to a thrift store and bought an enormous men’s shirt and cut it up to make this shirt.


Now that the wedding is over, Owen is left with new Sunday clothes and I’m happy about that.


Two Pairs of Pants

I recently finished two pairs of pants-one for Seth and one for Ezra. For Seth’s pair, I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern like I have for his last few pairs.


I used some denim from fabric.com for these. It’s nice denim, but it was a little heavier than I thought it was going to be. It still works, but next time I’ll make sure I don’t use 10 oz. denim for fitted jeans because I think it’s too heavy for that.

wpid1391-20141206-132751.jpg wpid1393-20141206-132921.jpg

I made these like the last pairs so there’s nothing new in the construction. Seth still wants pants with an elastic waistband because they’re more comfortable. I am thinking that will have to change soon, but for now it’s easier so why not?

wpid1397-20141206-132957.jpg wpid1395-20141206-132933.jpg wpid1399-20141206-133001.jpgFor Ezra’s pair, I used my Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern. I’ve used it lots of times and I still really like it.


Ezra broke his elbow so he has a bit of cast peeking out there.

His last pair ended up being too short after about two weeks because he’s growing tall so fast, so I made sure to make this pair longer. I still used a size 5 though.

wpid1401-20141206-134616.jpg wpid1403-20141206-134656.jpg

Ezra is sooo picky about what color his clothes are. I was going to use the same fabric to make these that I used to make Seth’s pair, but Ezra said he wouldn’t wear them because that blue is “too dark”. Lucky for me, I had this bit of tan denim that he said would be ok.


Ezra made that bracelet at school and he’s wearin’ it proudly.

I really like the dark topstitching on the lighter fabric. And apparently it passes Ezra’s strict standards, because he’s been wearing them. Doing tricks in them, even.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Getting ready to bust an awesome move.

Ezra’s pants finished off the 6 yards of that tan denim that I bought in August. This is all that was left of it after cutting out his pants:


I love finishing off the last bit of a huge load of fabric. It feels really good. With those 6 yards, I made pants for Seth, Owen, Ezra, and me. I think that’s pretty rad.


Clockwise from top left: My jeans, Ezra’s cargos, Seth’s jeans, and Owen’s jeans.

Ezra’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans (And A School Clothes Collage)


I finished Ezra’s last pair of school pants-hooray! I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern by Titchy Threads for this pair. This was my first time using this pattern, and I liked it.

I didn’t use the pattern to its fullest, though. The pants include instructions for a zip fly or a half fly and an adjustable waistband. I chose to do a faux fly and an elasticated waistband.

I chose to do this because 1) Ezra said he absolutely did not want zip pants, and 2) since this was my first time making these pants, I didn’t want to waste a lot of time putting in a zipper and making an adjustable waistband if they ended up being something Ezra doesn’t want to wear.

I think they turned out nice the way I made them, but they would probably look better if I made them the “proper” way.

wpid1094-20140822-181059.jpg wpid1090-20140822-181007.jpg

I made Ezra a size 5, and I think they fit pretty well. The sizing chart on the pattern seemed to be very accurate, so it was a good guide. They are definitely fitted jeans! I think they look cute on Ezra.

wpid1097-20140822-181245.jpg wpid1096-20140822-181240.jpg wpid1100-20140822-181258.jpg

I used some mid-weight stretch denim from fabric.com for these. It turned out to be very nice denim.

I also used my rivet press to add some rivets.

wpid1107-20140822-181317.jpg wpid1101-20140822-181306.jpg

Ezra is sick of me taking pictures of him in clothes for sure! It was really hard to get a smile out of him, but when I told him I was all done taking pictures he looked like this:


I also finished a pair of these jeans for Seth, but I haven’t taken any pictures of him wearing them yet. Then I need to make him one more pair of pants and I’ll be done with making school clothes for now.

I wanted a picture of all my hard work in one place, so even though Seth’s last pair of pants will be missing from this picture and so will the outfit Ezra is currently wearing (He had Meet The Teacher Day today and was so excited to wear his new clothes for it), I took what I could get.


This picture also includes one shirt and one pair of shorts for each of them that I made at the beginning of the summer. They’re still in good shape so I’m counting them as school clothes.

Ezra’s Field Trip Cargos


I finished another pair of pants for Ezra for school. I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern for them because I’ve used that pattern several times for my boys and I really like it.

Ezra is going to be six in about two weeks, but I cut a size 5 for him and I think I could have even cut a size 4 and they would have fit. Most of that is because he’s such a little twig, but I also think this pattern runs just a tad bigger than the other Oliver + S patterns that I’ve used.

He insisted on holding his glow bracelet for all these pictures.

He insisted on holding his glow bracelet for all these pictures.

I used some stretch denim from Joann that I had left over from making me some shorts.


I put buttons on the cargo pockets this time to keep them from flapping around.


The first time I made a pair of these pants, the cargo pockets started coming loose after just a few washings. I couldn’t reinforce them very well at the tops because the fabric was so thick that I couldn’t get my needle to go through it. But now I have learned to hammer my fabric to flatten it out and then it goes through my machine really well.

After hammering these pockets, I sewed back and forth over the top edges a few times and then I also added a little zigzag stitch underneath where I sewed back and forth to be double sure the pockets aren’t going anywhere.


I’m glad Ezra says he likes them and I hope he’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

More School Clothes

I’ve been dutifully working on Seth and Ezra’s school clothes. I’ve got two weeks left to finish my goal of three outfits each, and I’m so going to make it!

I finished another pair of Oliver + S Sunny Day Shorts for Ezra. I made them the same as the other pairs I’ve made because I know Ezra will wear them if they’re like that.

I used some tan twill I had left over from some Sunday pants I made for them awhile back.






He's so twiggy that it almost looks like there's no body in these shorts in this picture!

He’s so twiggy that it almost looks like there’s no body in these shorts in this picture!

After I finished the shorts, I made two more t-shirts for each of them. I used my  t-shirt pattern for all of them, and I color blocked them. It’s kind of boring that I made all their new shirts just t-shirts, but that’s really all they want to wear.

I used Kaufman Laguna Stretch fabric for all of them too, with the exception of one of Seth’s t-shirts. I wanted a little bit of black for that one and all I had left was some black that is not good quality. I thought it would probably be ok, and it was ok but the fabric has no recovery so it stretched when I serged the collar on and never rebounded back. Grrr!

Here’s Ezra’s new shirt #1:


He chose green and black because he said they are “ninja colors”.


and Seth’s new shirt #1.


Seth doesn’t care what colors I use.


And here’s Ezra’s new shirt #2:


I put a sassy little pocket on this one.


and Seth’s new shirt #2. This is the one with the neck that stretched out a little bit.


This is his I can’t believe you’re asking me to put on another article of clothing so you can take a picture of me face.


Then I said something that made him laugh.


Now to make them two pairs of pants each. I hope the fabric I ordered for Seth’s second pair gets here in time!

New Tops

I bought a cut of fabric last summer that was $2.99 a yard. It was so cheap that I couldn’t pass it up, but when it came it didn’t look all that great. The fabric was pretty thin and not the best quality and so it’s been sitting in my stash all year.

Last week I decided I was sick of looking at it just sitting there on the shelf so I made a top out of it using my Burda pattern. It’s the same pattern that I have used for my running tops.

wpid1009-20140720-195040.jpg wpid1007-20140720-195055.jpg

It’s definitely not my favorite shirt I’ve ever made, but they can’t all be super duper awesome, right? And I’ll definitely wear it.



While my machines were all set for sewing with knits, I decided to make Seth and Ezra each a t-shirt. School starts one month from today (yikes!) and I have a goal to make them three new outfits each.


I planned on keeping the shirts hanging nicely in the closet until school starts. But I am just not good at that! It almost pains me to see new clothes hanging in a closet without getting any use. So when I asked them to put the shirts on so I could take pictures of them, I let them keep wearing them the rest of the day. I figure they’re going to get stained very shortly after they start wearing them regardless of when the wearing starts.

I used my t-shirt pattern for both shirts. I color blocked Ezra’s like I did his last one.

wpid979-20140725-085311.jpg wpid983-20140725-085346.jpg

The pocket on the front is a bit big, but I dig it.


Seth’s color blocking was easy-I just made the sleeves, collar, and pocket one color and the body of the shirt another color.



I used Robert Kaufman’s laguna stretch fabric for both shirts. I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about this or not, but I’ve gotten very picky about what knit fabric I use to make our clothes. There have been a lot of cuts I’ve bought that ended up being paper thin and the stuff I made out of them got holes really fast so now I try to only buy fabric from designers I know make good fabric.

wpid991-20140725-085608.jpg wpid981-20140725-085337.jpg

Now to live it up this last month of Summer while making school clothes at the same time.