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Jon’s Pants (Pair #3)


Last August, I had a goal to make Jon two pairs of pants for work before he started teaching his new semester in September. I got one pair done, but the black twill I bought from fabric.com for his second pair has been sitting on a shelf just waiting for me to follow through with that second pair.

Last week I finally made them. I used the same Burda pattern that I have for his other two pairs of work pants I’ve made him. I like that pattern, but the legs are pretty wide. I wanted a more slim fit and we’ve taken the legs in with every pair. This time, I think we finally have the legs looking the way we want them.


Instead of using the Burda instructions for the welt pockets, I used the instructions from one of my Oliver + S patterns that has welt pockets. I made new pocket pieces that would work with those instructions because I understand how to do it that way.


Oh man, I did a dumb thing when making those welts, though. I think the pattern placement for the welt pockets is pretty low, so I moved them up. But I didn’t realize that I moved the pockets up a little higher than where the dart above the pocket ends. That’s a bad thing because after I got the pocket attached I realized that there was a bit of dart at the bottom of the pocket! It looked terrible-like a pucker in the fabric.

But I unpicked the pocket, pulled back the interfacing, unpicked the dart and started over and it all worked out in the end.


I have never liked interfacing and I’m not sure why, but I am slowly learning that interfacing has many virtues when used in the right situations. I didn’t interface the waistband in his first two pairs of pants, but I decided to interface this waistband and oh my goodness, it looked so much better. I wish I had thought to have Jon take his belt off so I could get some pictures of the waistband, but I didn’t. I will definitely be interfacing all his waistbands in his dress pants forevermore, though.

I studied all the details on his ready to wear dress pants while making these and tried to copy them. His storeboughts had a bar tack along the short ends of the welt pockets, so I bar tacked his welts too.

And the front pockets in the pair I studied were also bar tacked about 1/4″ down from the waistband, so I did that too. It helps them lay flat and it looks cool.


I loved making these pants, even though it took awhile. They were a satisfying sew!



Christmas Gifts: Men’s Neck Ties

I’ve been making ties this week for some family members.


I know it’s kinda boring that they’re all from the same fabric, but it’s cheaper that way so that’s what I did. Plus, I really like this fabric. It’s some home decor fabric from fabric.com.

Two of these ties are for some really tall guys, so I lengthened my tie pattern. I added two inches to the end of the front tie piece.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

And of course I had Jon model one of the ties.

wpid1459-20141217-212824.jpgI think it looks good with the shirt and pants he’s wearing.

wpid1457-20141217-212819.jpgP.S. I made some baby pants using my trusty Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pattern for my nephew too. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to model them.



I made Jon another tie for Father’s Day.


While making it, I realized that when we digitized our pattern (See the Free Patterns And Tutorials tab at the top of the page if you’re interested in downloading the free pattern) we accidentally put the notches in the wrong place by a little bit. Too bad we didn’t notice until after it’s been downloaded a couple thousand times.

But it’s fixed now and that’s good.


Yesterday I finished a polo shirt for Owen. I have to say the placket was pretty involved and took awhile to figure out. But I got through it and Owen likes it so that’s all that matters, huh?

He has been sick the past couple of days and so he’s been pretty cranky. When I had the shirt all finished except for the hem, I tried it on him to check the length. He walked around the house like a proud peacock.

When I tried to take the shirt off to finish it, he was inconsolable. But I hemmed it real fast and put it back on him.

Jon’s brother asked me awhile ago to make him a polo shirt. I had no idea how to do the placket, and that’s why I got this pattern to make the kids’ polo so I could see how to do it.

But Jon has a lot of time on his hands right now since he’s in between semesters. So he beat me to it and drafted a pattern for a polo shirt for his brother himself. I was pretty happy about that, because I’d much rather sew than draft patterns.

We sewed the polo for his brother together today, and it was a lot of fun. He did most of it while I cut out another polo for Seth. But I hemmed the bottom and sleeves. And I ironed all the seams, because Jon’s not into silly details like ironing.

I think it turned out amazing and I already ordered some fabric to make Jon some.

Jon wearing his brother’s shirt.

Also, Jon figured out a much easier way to make a placket than the way my polo pattern says to make one. I love the way that man plackets ha ha ha.