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Easter Ties


I finished the Easter ties for the boys so they could wear them to church on Sunday.


When I showed Seth his finished tie, he looked at the print on it and said, “That’s a rambunctious tie.”

I finished my Easter shirt on Monday, just a day late. But I haven’t taken any pictures of it, or even worn it yet, because Jon told me that it looks like a clown costume. He pretty much ruined it for me. He might be right, but I will probably wear it soon anyway.

Easter Sewing Plans

I missed Sunday Sevens this week-whoops! I guess you can’t win them all. But I’ve been putting together my Easter sewing plans at least.

I love making new clothes for us to wear to church on Easter Sunday. This year is a little different, because for church on Easter we will be having General Conference, which we will watch on our TV from home.

So I’m shooting for our Easter stuff to be finished the following Sunday when we can wear it to church. That’s good for me, because I really want to make a jacket for me before I start the Easter stuff. I’ve never sewn a jacket before, and I want to make one while it’s still jacket season!

Anyway, back to the Easter stuff.

I’m going to make the boys matching ties again of course.


Last year’s matching ties.

For Owen’s and Ezra’s, I’m using this tutorial. I slashed and spread the pattern for Ezra’s size.

For Jon’s and Seth’s, I’m using my tie pattern and tutorial.


For Seth I shortened the pattern.

I’m going to use this fabric to make the ties and I think it’s going to make some sweet ones:

2015-03-31 08.03.32

I know I’m short on time, so instead of a whole outfit I’m going to try and finish a top for me that I can wear with the skirt I just finished.

I just ordered some yellow poplin to make the Colette Violet top. It looks so cute.


Picture of the pattern from the Colette website.

Hopefully I finish it all!

What do you sew for Easter?


Sunday Sevens (#1)


I saw on After Dark Sewing a fun idea to do a Sunday Sevens post where you share seven pictures of things from your week and it looks like fun so I’m gonna do it! (The idea is originally from Threads And Bobbins.)

1.  The roads were too yucky to run on much last week, but this week they have cleared out. On Monday I only had to hop over a few slush piles here and there during my run. I hope they stay clear because I love running outside so much.

2015-01-19 16.57.26

The almost clear road.


2.  I put the waistband in my black skirt. I like to leave my zipper long until the first part of the waistband is sewn on, and then trim the zipper at the top. I learned that from my Angela Wolf Craftsy class on sewing designer jeans. How do you trim your zippers?

All trimmed.

All trimmed.

3. I made another newborn tie for a baby shower I went to for one of my friends.


4. Jon and I went on a date! We had a dinner on campus for Jon’s department.

2015-01-22 19.05.29

5. Jon knows the way to my heart so he bought me some thread racks for my birthday. I love that hanging up my thread freed up some space on my desk.



6. We had our Saturday family cleaning and I got Owen to help out. This was noteworthy because he is usually a stubborn two year old that is hard to convince that cleaning is fun.

Little Owen and his cleaning rag.

Little Owen and his cleaning rag.

7. We went to Heise Pizza on Friday, also for my birthday. My birthday was actually last week, but it snowed a ton that day and the roads were too bad to travel on. We made up for it this weekend.

Me and Seth waiting for our pizza.

Me and Seth waiting for our pizza.

Two Quick Neckties

There are a lot of babies that are born in my neighborhood and so that means I attend a lot of baby showers. Lately, I’ve been giving out neckties for the new little bundles of joy that are boys.

I went to a baby shower last week where I gave a tie set I made for both the new baby and his older brother.



It might be corny, but I love dressing my own boys in matching ties. It’s just so cute.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

Me and my matching boys last Easter.

For the newborn tie, I used this free tutorial and pattern (I’ve mentioned that tutorial and pattern several times on my blog because I use it a lot).

For the big brother tie, I used my free men’s tie pattern and tutorial and just shortened it. Like I did for Seth’s last tie.

I didn’t get the best pictures of these ties because I waited until the absolute last second to sew them (I finished about 10 minutes before the baby shower started!) but I did what I could. Simple pictures for a simple project, right?


Christmas Gifts: Men’s Neck Ties

I’ve been making ties this week for some family members.


I know it’s kinda boring that they’re all from the same fabric, but it’s cheaper that way so that’s what I did. Plus, I really like this fabric. It’s some home decor fabric from fabric.com.

Two of these ties are for some really tall guys, so I lengthened my tie pattern. I added two inches to the end of the front tie piece.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

I slashed the pattern and added those two inches.

And of course I had Jon model one of the ties.

wpid1459-20141217-212824.jpgI think it looks good with the shirt and pants he’s wearing.

wpid1457-20141217-212819.jpgP.S. I made some baby pants using my trusty Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pattern for my nephew too. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to model them.


Some Button-Up Shirts (And A Little Tie)

I found some fabulous shirting fabric at Joann over the summer and last week I finally got around to making Jon a shirt out of it.


I used the same Kwik Sew pattern that I’ve used for his others. This time, I took the shirt in a little bit more on the sides. I’ve taken it in some nearly every time I’ve made it, but it was still too big. I like how this one fits.




After I finished his shirt, I still had enough fabric left over to make Owen a shirt too. I used the Fishsticks pattern that I’ve used before for Owen’s shirt. It’s an easy pattern and I finished it pretty quickly. Quickly for a button shirt, anyway.



He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.

He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.


After Owen’s shirt, I still had some fabric left over (Those three yards served me well!) so I made a newborn tie for a baby shower for my neighbor.


I used this tutorial that I’ve used before.

I’ve had my fill of that fabric and it’s time to move on! But, matching is pretty cute for sure.

wpid1312-20141109-131742.jpg wpid1314-20141109-131812.jpg