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Gray Theory Stretch Denim

I got to sew today for the first time in awhile and it felt soo good! I have missed it.

I have been working away at a huge pile of awesome Theory stretch denim I got from Mood. I got a swatch of it a few months ago and it took me forever to decide if I wanted to order some or not. The description said it had a very slight stretch, and the swatch was so tiny that I couldn’t tell for sure how much stretch it had.

But I decided to go ahead and order 5 yards of it and I’m glad I did because it rocks.

I made Owen a pair of Sunny Day Shorts out of it.


I like this pattern cuz it’s free and easy to customize. I added front pockets.

wpid2116-20150526-155454.jpg wpid2119-20150526-155459.jpg

And some square back pockets.

wpid2121-20150526-155507.jpg wpid2123-20150526-155513.jpg

I had to add several inches of length to this pattern though because it’s really short for boys.


I also made Seth a pair of Sunny Day Shorts.


More front pockets.


And I made one double welt pocket on the back.

wpid2133-20150525-101411.jpg wpid2131-20150525-101419.jpg


I also made a pair of capris for me out of this denim. I took some pictures of them right after I finished them (not on me) and I’m going to put them up here just in case I never get around to having Jon take some of me wearing them. At least I’ll have some documentation.


Do you like my duct tape?

wpid2102-20150520-084444.jpg wpid2104-20150520-084457.jpg wpid2106-20150520-084540.jpg wpid2108-20150520-084600.jpg

Now I’m finishing a pair of shorts for Ezra and then my 5 yards will be almost gone.

Ethan Button-Up And More Art Museum Trousers

We had to go to a wedding last week and all the boys needed black pants and white shirts for it. Owen didn’t have either of these things, so I made him some.


I’ll just say now that none of the pictures of the shirt and pants show a lot of detail, but they’re good enough I think because I don’t want to take any more!

Anyway, I used my trusty Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers pattern for the pants and I’ve talked about that pattern a bunch of times already. I used a scrap of black twill I had left over from some pants I made for Jon.

wpid2072-20150430-193719.jpg wpid2070-20150430-193725.jpg

For the shirt, I used this Ethan pattern from Sis Boom Patterns.


It was my first time using that pattern, and I thought it was pretty good. I had some trouble understanding how to do the front buttonhole placket. I’ve never seen it done in that way before, and I did it wrong the first time. Then I realized how to do it right so I ripped it off and fixed it.

The pattern has 1/4″ seam allowances, and I hate 1/4″ seam allowances. The instructions said to glue things a lot before sewing with a fabric glue stick, but I think it would have been better to have just included bigger seam allowances in the pattern than to have to glue things together.

I just added more seam allowance to my pattern pieces before cutting out though, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Also, the pattern only came with long sleeves and I wanted short sleeves, so I just altered it a little to make short sleeves.


I didn’t have time to order any fabric, so I went to a thrift store and bought an enormous men’s shirt and cut it up to make this shirt.


Now that the wedding is over, Owen is left with new Sunday clothes and I’m happy about that.


Owen Jeans (More Of Small Fry)


Well, after I finished Seth’s jeans I had a little bit of denim left over, and my machines were all threaded and everything for jeans, so I made Owen a pair too.

I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. It’s just that I know how that one fits so I like to use it, ya know?

I did go up to a size 4 for these though (I’ve been using a size 3 for him) because I have serious hopes that these pants will fit Owen all through next Fall and Winter. That means they’re a tad baggy for now, but he’ll grow into ’em.


I usually do my elastic waistbands by serging the top of the pants, serging both long edges of the waistband, and then sewing the entire waistband to the pants all at once (except leaving the hole for the elastic of course to be sewn up after elastic insertion). This time, I decided to have a cleaner finish on the inside by doing the waistband the way I do it for regular jeans (like these instructions).


I added belt loops too, which is something I’ve never done before for pants with an elastic waistband.


After doing it both ways now, I think I like my easier way better of no belt loops and sewing the waistband on all at once! But it’s good to change things up I guess.


He’s wearing these pants with his polo I finished not too long ago, and I’m digging the combo. Plus he’s such a nice little model who patiently lets me snap pictures, and I really dig that too.



Two More Shirts

wpid1745-20150214-014940.jpgWell, I didn’t get all of our Valentine’s Day shirts finished this week. I am the room mom in Ezra’s class at school and so I had to plan and do his Valentine’s Day party. That took a lot of my extra time and then tack on that we’ve had more illness this week (I am so done with sickness!) and there wasn’t enough time to make all of them.

But I got Ezra’s and Owen’s done and I’m happy about that.

For Ezra’s, I used my Children’s T-Shirt Pattern.


I used a size 6 for him for the first time (He turned six last September). And I widened the sleeves a little bit. I do that with all of the t-shirts I make with this pattern for my boys. I was trying to make the sleeve work for a girl too and look a little feminine. But for my boys I like it wider.


I used some fabric from Banberry Place for this shirt. Ezra loves the print and says it’s his “Captain America shirt”.


The fabric is super, super thin. I’m worried it’s going to fall apart after a few washes. And, the fabric came with small holes all down it in one section.

Can you see the little holes there?

Can you see the little holes there?

I emailed the company about the holes because I wanted to keep the fabric and I was just hoping to have a price reduction or something. But I never heard back from them. So I decided to work around the holes and it turned out alright.

For the collar, I used some Laguna stretch fabric.


Ezra was in a super bad mood when I took these pictures. I had to promise a treat when it was over so that all of the pictures didn’t look like this:


For Owen’s polo, I also used my T-Shirt pattern.


I used a collar from a different pattern I have. For the placket, I measured a ready to wear polo Owen has so I would know how big to make the rectangles. Then I cut down the center front of the t-shirt and made the placket with my cut rectangles.

I made a little facing and sewed it over the collar seam allowance.


I should have cut a longer slit for the placket, because it’s just a tad snug going over his big head. Next time I will make it longer.


I think I might need to figure out a better way to do plackets, though. I sewed on the two separate strips and then pulled them through at the bottom to the inside of the shirt and then tacked them down really well. It was so hard to get them looking right! I would rather sew a fly into a pair of jeans any day than make a placket the way I’ve been doing it.


This fabric was also from Banberry place. I used some of it already to make a t-shirt for Seth and I realized that because of its weight, it would make a better polo than a t-shirt. It’s a bit heavy for a t-shirt. But it’s nice fabric.


Next up, I’m going to finish Jon’s and Seth’s t-shirts!



Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Another Pair)


I had a scrap of denim left over from my brown jeans just big enough to make Owen a pair of jeans too. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I do like that pattern a lot.

I left these a little too long, but it’s just that he grows so fast and I want them to fit as long as possible! They’re a little baggy in the legs because of the extra length, but that’s ok with me.



I love when he puts his hands in those little pockets. Speaking of pockets, I love to baste my pockets shut right after they’re constructed so they will be sure to lay flat while I’m putting the waistband on and installing the rivets.

Anyway, I’m glad Owen has another pair of pants now because he can always use more pants.

Has anyone else used the Small Fry pattern? Do you love it?




Some Button-Up Shirts (And A Little Tie)

I found some fabulous shirting fabric at Joann over the summer and last week I finally got around to making Jon a shirt out of it.


I used the same Kwik Sew pattern that I’ve used for his others. This time, I took the shirt in a little bit more on the sides. I’ve taken it in some nearly every time I’ve made it, but it was still too big. I like how this one fits.




After I finished his shirt, I still had enough fabric left over to make Owen a shirt too. I used the Fishsticks pattern that I’ve used before for Owen’s shirt. It’s an easy pattern and I finished it pretty quickly. Quickly for a button shirt, anyway.



He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.

He was peeking through the crack at our neighbor in this picture.


After Owen’s shirt, I still had some fabric left over (Those three yards served me well!) so I made a newborn tie for a baby shower for my neighbor.


I used this┬átutorial that I’ve used before.

I’ve had my fill of that fabric and it’s time to move on! But, matching is pretty cute for sure.

wpid1312-20141109-131742.jpg wpid1314-20141109-131812.jpg