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Children’s T-Shirt Pattern

My children’s t-shirt pattern is finally finished! Except I can’t call any of my patterns mine, since Jon does tons of the work for them too. They are ours.

I have been trying to pattern for long enough now to know a little bit more about what I like and don’t like. I like to draft a pattern, on butcher paper, in the size that I need it. Then I love to sew the pattern up.

I don’t like to do the pattern grading, or any of the parts you have to do on the computer. That’s good, because Jon likes to do that kind of stuff and he’s really good at it. So together we make a good team.

I had fun making a girl’s shirt for my friend’s daughter for this pattern. Girls’ clothes are definitely cute!

You can purchase the pattern from my Etsy tab or from the Pattern shop tab at the top of my blog. And don’t forget you can try the size 4T for free, along with a detailed tutorial for how to construct the shirt. You can find that tutorial under the Free Patterns And Tutorials tab. Thanks!

Oh, Rayon

Rayon is pretty sweet. It feels so soft and it drapes so beautifully. You do have to be a little careful with it when you wash it since it can shrink easily. But I think it’s so worth the trouble.

Two of my recent projects were made with rayon fabric with a touch of spandex.

First, I made a top for me.

I used my scoop t-shirt pattern as a base for this shirt. I changed the collar to be v-necked and I added one line of shirring down from the v.

Then I changed the sleeves a bit. First, I made the sleeve wider. Then I finished the raw edge of the sleeve by doing a rolled hem on my serger. And then I gathered the sleeve in at the bottom by sewing two lines of shirring around the sleeve.

Oh, and did you see the earrings I’m wearing in that first picture?

I got them from my friend Natalie’s Etsy shop. I think all her jewelry is so cute and it’s priced great too.


I also made another maxi skirt, this time without the ruffle at the bottom.

And that’s it for rayon. For now, at least!

Maxi Skirt Pattern

My maxi skirt pattern is now available! Check it out in my Etsy shop or click on  my Pattern Shop tab to see it on a couple of other websites.

This skirt is great for beginners, especially if you make a non-ruffled version (instructions are included for a ruffled and a non-ruffled skirt). It would be a good first project for someone new to sewing with knits. You can check out all my tips for sewing with knits here.


Floral Scoop Tee Pattern

My very first pattern is available today. I’m pretty excited to have it done! I bet my husband is too, because he does all the hard stuff for me. I draft my patterns on paper and he digitizes them for me.

The pattern is available in my etsy shop, and will soon be available right here on the blog too.

Thanks for looking!