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Running Top #3 (With Undercover Hood Pattern)

I bought some activewear knit from fabric.com last summer with plans to make a running tank top out of it. I never did make a tank before the weather turned cold, but that’s ok because I made a long sleeved running shirt out of it instead last week. With our climate, I run in long sleeved tops more than anything else anyway.


I’ve made a couple of running tops before (here and here) with a Burda pattern, but I decided to use the Undercover Hood pattern for this one. I’ve made a top with that pattern once before and I really like it.


The collar was hard to put on with this fabric-it took me three tries to get it looking ok. First it was too loose, then too tight. I’m glad the third time it was alright because I was sick of messing with it.

I thought that a running shirt with that wide hem band the pattern has would be so cute, and I do like how it looks. But it only took me one run to realize a wide hem band on a running shirt is not very functional. It kept slipping up and folding over on itself. I considered cutting it off and hemming the shirt normally, but I decided that would make the shirt too short. It’s ok though. The shirt still works, but it would be better without the band.

wpid1606-20150126-105115.jpg wpid1607-20150126-105122.jpg

I’m just so happy that the roads are clear right now and it’s warmed up a little bit so I can run outside and wear it!


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My (Second) Running Top



I finished a second running top last night. I used the same pattern as I did for my last running shirt-Burda #127.

The neck opening was too big in the first top, so I altered that this time. I realized that the neck opening was so big because there was too much fabric in the chest area of the top for me (I am definitely not chesty). So Jon helped me make an invisible dart in the neckline of the pattern. Then, we added the amount that we took out of the top of the front back in at the bottom because the bottom didn’t need anything taken out of it.

I think the neck area fits much better now. I might end up making it even smaller for next time.


The first top I made was fine on short runs, but on my long runs the armpit seams started chafing me. I have a very close arm swing when I run and it causes me grief in the armpit area with a lot of my store bought running gear too.

So I dropped the armpit area down about 1 1/4″ for this second top. I think I could have only dropped it 3/4″ or 1″, but I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t chafe.

I ran a 10k race this morning in my new top, and it didn’t chafe a bit and I’m very happy about that.

I also lengthened the sleeves and added a band to the hem for this one.


The bottom band.

I am very pleased with this top. I am thinking I will be making a lot of my running gear in the future.

My Running Top

I’ve wanted to try and make a running top for awhile because they cost so much money to buy. But I don’t have the right machines to make seamless garments so I’ve been afraid to actually do it. I found some super cheap spandex though, and decided I had nothing to lose.

I used this Burda raglan shirt pattern. The pattern doesn’t come with seam allowances, so I had to add those which was a little bit of a bother. Also, I think they made the instructions as confusing as possible. It’s a good thing the pattern was for something basic so I didn’t need the instructions.

But I like the pattern design a lot and I am going to make some everyday shirts out of it too. I love the gathers where the sleeve attaches to the body of the top.

My running top version turned out pretty good. I made my size as is this time, but next time I think I will make the neck opening a little smaller.



I’ve been pretty sick for the past week so I’ve only been able to wear this shirt for one short run, but that went well. We’ll see if the seams chafe me on longer runs.