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My Yellow

I made another pair of pants for me from my Burda yoga pants pattern. I really do love that pants pattern-I think this was my fifth time making them.

I wanted them out of french terry, and the only color in stock when I was shopping was yellow. So I bought it because it was really awesome french terry with some spandex in it. I haven’t found any other that has spandex in it which is too bad because the spandex gives the fabric such great recovery.

Since I had my machines all threaded for yellow, I cranked out a yellow shirt (also for me) after I finished the pants. I really, really love how this shirt turned out. I shirred it all the way down the front with rubber elastic, and I added a band to the bottom and to the sleeves.

I also added a little line of shirring to the bottom of the sleeves.

The color yellow has become one of my favorites. It’s so cheerful!

The Latest Two

I wanted another shirt with shirring down the sides, since I love the first one I made like that so much (see last post). So I made another one.

But this one didn’t turn out nearly as well as the first one. The fabric I used was really sheer and hard to work with. It had little recovery, so it stretched out a lot when I was making it. I think once it’s washed it will do better. We will see.

I really struggled with the collar since the fabric kept rolling and slipping. One day I want to have a huge ribbing collection so I’ll have the right color of ribbing for any shirt. But until then, I often have to use the same fabric that the shirt is made out of for the collar since I don’t have the right color of ribbing.

 But I will wear the shirt anyway, because things don’t have to be perfect. I wore it when we went to Mesa Falls yesterday.

Sewing is a really good way to learn that things don’t have to be perfect. There is usually a way to fix any mistake.
I also made another pair of shorts for Seth. I’m trying to build up his wardrobe before school starts.
He was really excited to get his picture taken, as usual.


Life has been busy with all kinds of great things going on. But I’ve still been sewing!

I’ve mostly been sewing duplicates of things I’ve already shown on here. But that’s one of the things I love the most about sewing-making subtle changes can turn the same old pattern into something new and exciting.

I finished another one of these shirts. I needed a solid cream top, so I ordered some fabric and then got to work.

I added three rows of shirring to the sleeve bottoms this time. On the last shirt, I only did two. I think three rows helps the sleeve bottom sit a little better on my arm.

And I shirred the shirt bottom instead of hemming it with a band.

I do love my sewing obsession! And this week, I discovered a new obsession.

Soooo good. Can you tell my baby loves it too?

Oh, Rayon

Rayon is pretty sweet. It feels so soft and it drapes so beautifully. You do have to be a little careful with it when you wash it since it can shrink easily. But I think it’s so worth the trouble.

Two of my recent projects were made with rayon fabric with a touch of spandex.

First, I made a top for me.

I used my scoop t-shirt pattern as a base for this shirt. I changed the collar to be v-necked and I added one line of shirring down from the v.

Then I changed the sleeves a bit. First, I made the sleeve wider. Then I finished the raw edge of the sleeve by doing a rolled hem on my serger. And then I gathered the sleeve in at the bottom by sewing two lines of shirring around the sleeve.

Oh, and did you see the earrings I’m wearing in that first picture?

I got them from my friend Natalie’s Etsy shop. I think all her jewelry is so cute and it’s priced great too.


I also made another maxi skirt, this time without the ruffle at the bottom.

And that’s it for rayon. For now, at least!

Floral Scoop T-Shirt

This week, I drafted a pattern for a scoop neck t-shirt from a shirt that I love. I love the flowers by the neckline the most:

I changed a few things about the original and this is what I ended up with:

Close-up of the flowers.

Besides the flowers, I also love the shirring down the middle of the sleeves.

After I learned what shirring is, I realized that it is all over the place! And that’s good, because it’s so cute. And so easy.

The only special thing you need is some elastic thread for your bobbin, which you can find at any craft store. Take the elastic thread and hand wind it around your bobbin. Wind it tightly for lightweight fabrics (like knits).

Use regular thread for your needle. Adjust your machine to a long stitch length, and you are ready to start.

For this top, I only did one line of shirring, so I backstitched at the beginning and sewed all the way down the center of my sleeve to the bottom. Then I backstitched again to secure my row. This is what it looked like when I finished:

I’m in the process of making this shirt again in this fabric.

I also found it helpful to mark a line down the middle of my sleeve with air erasable pen so I knew I was sewing in a straight line.

If all goes as planned, I will have a pattern available for this shirt sometime soon. At least that is my hope. Wish me luck!