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Colette Ginger Skirt

I finished a skirt to go with my Parisian Top!


I used the Ginger skirt pattern by Colette Patterns. This is my first time using the pattern, and I loved it. I cut a size 8 based on my waist measurement (even though my hip measurement put me at a size 2 or 4. I’m much more straight than curvy.) and I think it fit just right.


I lined my skirt using this tutorial. This is the first time I’ve lined a skirt and I’m feeling so pumped that now I know how to do it. I love lined skirts but I’ve been afraid to try because I wasn’t sure how to sew the lining around the zipper, but it wasn’t bad at all.


I still finished my seams even though the tutorial suggested not finishing them. I can’t stand not doing it.


I used some stretch twill from Mood for the skirt, and some stretch charmeuse satin from fabric.com for the lining. I love the twill and I think I have enough left to make Owen some Sunday pants. Hopefully!


I sewed one invisible zipper in back when I was first learning to sew, and that was it until I made this. I like invisible zippers and even though I thought it was hard to get the part below the zipper to look good, I think with some practice it’ll get easier and easier.

20150326 194249

I want to make more of these for sure. I wanted one that was a basic color so I could wear it a ton, and now I’m thinking some nice prints will be next.

20150326 194229

Black Denim Skirt

wpid1570-20150123-165136.jpgI haven’t made a new skirt in a long time, and I decided I definitely needed to fix that.

I made my denim skirt last Spring, and I wear it to church more than anything else, so I made another denim skirt like that one except out of black denim this time.


I got the denim from fabric.com and the front buttons from Mood Fabrics.

wpid1576-20150123-165158.jpg wpid1578-20150123-165205.jpg

I already wrote about how I drafted the front and back for this skirt off of a ready to wear skirt that I have, and then I used the waistband, fly, pocket, and yoke pieces from a jeans pattern that I like (An Angela Wolf jeans pattern).

My first denim skirt gets some pull lines across the front because it’s a little too tight in the thighs, so I added a little bit of width to the outseams for this black skirt. Because of that, I needed to widen my waistband a little bit too. I added the extra width to the center of the waistband because that seemed like a good place to add to.

But it turns out that I should have added to the ends of the waistband instead of the center, because adding to the center widened the curve out in the back and made the waistband of my skirt gape a little bit.

Where I added to the waistband.

Where I added to the waistband.

Now I can look at the pattern piece and easily see that adding right there would mess up the curve. But I didn’t realize it before and now I will just have to call it a learning experience and know that I’ll never make that mistake again!

At least it’s not that bad. And it only gapes when I sit.

wpid1580-20150123-165243.jpg wpid1582-20150123-165240.jpgI’m glad that I have a black skirt now, because every girl needs a black skirt for sure.


Denim Skirt

I have always loved denim skirts and for as long as I can remember I have had one kicking around somewhere in my closet.

For the past few years, I’ve been wearing a Hot To Trot denim skirt from Downeast. It’s pretty cute and it has served me well. But there are a couple of things I don’t like about it, the biggest thing being that the hem falls right in the middle of my knee cap. I don’t think that’s a very flattering length, at least not for me.

I’ve been wanting to try and make me a denim skirt for awhile, and I finally did it.


I drafted pattern pieces for the body of the skirt by tracing around my Downeast skirt (well…not quite that simple but almost), making sure to add some length so the skirt would end right below my knees instead of in the middle of them. Then, I used the yoke, waistband, belt loops, pockets, and fly pieces from my Angela Wolf jeans pattern. I think putting them together made a nice, comfortable skirt.

wpid666-20140427-183243.jpg wpid660-20140427-162849.jpg wpid662-20140427-162904.jpg wpid668-20140427-183320.jpg wpid658-20140427-162830.jpg