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Sewing Sabbatical, Plus Seth’s Jeans

Well, I took quite a long break from this blog because I took quite a long break from sewing.

I tend to get very obsessed with things and so last Spring I felt like sewing was kinda taking over my life. Not even that I was spending all day sewing, but that so much of my energy was going into it-planning projects, picking out fabric, reading sewing blogs…it all adds up. My life picked up and got busier than ever and so I decided to stop sewing for awhile because I just couldn’t keep up with everything.

I figured I would start again when I felt like it. I assumed that would happen in a couple of weeks, but it didn’t! I think I burned myself out. We basically didn’t buy any clothes at all for two and a half years because I made them all, for our family of 5. My sewing had become like a job!

Then a couple of weeks ago I was with a friend who was talking about her Christmas present sewing projects. While I was talking to her, I thought, sewing sounds fun. So I went home and picked out a pattern and some fabric I had on a shelf and started sewing.

I’m enjoying it again, with plans to be a moderate home sewer! No more making all of everyone’s clothes.

It’s a good think I decided to pick it back up, because we have looked high and low for some pants that will fit Seth, but we just can’t find any. So of course my first project back at it was a pair of pants for Seth.

I have to say that my project pictures won’t be anything fancy. I sold my camera last Spring and am using my phone camera now. Plus, it’s cold and snowy so there’s no way I’m taking any pictures outside right now! This is mostly so I have a record of my projects.

I made him more Small Fry Skinny jeans-the biggest size with some inches added to the inseams and outseams. Plus an elastic waistband because that’s what fits his body the best.

The fabric is Ralph Lauren stretch denim from Mood.

2015-11-20 07.56.57

“I’m too cool for pictures.”

2015-11-20 07.55.23 2015-11-20 07.55.26 2015-11-20 07.56.21


Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Another Pair)


I had a scrap of denim left over from my brown jeans just big enough to make Owen a pair of jeans too. I used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern again. I do like that pattern a lot.

I left these a little too long, but it’s just that he grows so fast and I want them to fit as long as possible! They’re a little baggy in the legs because of the extra length, but that’s ok with me.



I love when he puts his hands in those little pockets. Speaking of pockets, I love to baste my pockets shut right after they’re constructed so they will be sure to lay flat while I’m putting the waistband on and installing the rivets.

Anyway, I’m glad Owen has another pair of pants now because he can always use more pants.

Has anyone else used the Small Fry pattern? Do you love it?