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Sunday Sevens (#9)


Well, I’m a day late this time, but better late than never right? Here are seven things from my week.

1. IMG_1197We get a lot of our groceries from an organic food truck that comes into town every four weeks. It came and I was going to take a picture of all our spoils, but I forgot until everything was put away but this bag of wheat.

2. IMG_1165

Lucy curled up on Jon’s lap when he got home from work. She loves him soooo much.

3. IMG_1180

The cape on Ezra’s Lego man got lost, so Jon cut him out a new one from a scrap of my knit fabric.

4. IMG_1155

My legs were aching after a hard run so I slathered some peppermint oil on them. That’s my favorite thing for leg aches.

5. IMG_1172

Any time I use my mixer, Owen is right there to help me. This was when we made some muffins this week.

6. IMG_1213

We had a family golfing outing. It was soo windy and cold but Seth had a lot of fun anyway.

7. IMG_1193

Ezra had a fever and a cough one day this week and the only thing he said he would eat was cupcakes. So I made some whole wheat chocolate ones with vanilla frosting. They sure are tasty-they remind me of Oreos.

Sunday Sevens (#8)


Here are seven things from my week.

1. IMG_1070

I got a package of zippers in the mail. I love looking at all the colors and dreaming of what I can make out of them.

2. IMG_1069

We walked to meet Jon when he was finished with work and Lucy was so excited to see him.

3. IMG_1072

We had more illness. I hope soon it will stop!


I walked past Downeast and snapped a picture of a cute skirt I’ll have to make one like.

IMG_1055I got a new book to use to teach Owen to read. He’s still a little young for most of it, but we’re using the letter flash cards for now at least.

6.IMG_1076We rode bikes around town to run some errands in the sunshine.

7.20150314 163813

We had a family hike and Ezra took this picture for us.

Have a good week!

Sunday Sevens (#7)


Here are 7 things from my week.

1. Monday was relatively warm and beautiful. When I got back from my run, I saw that Jon let Owen out to ride his tricycle with no pants on!

2015-03-02 11.56.21

2. Then Tuesday it snowed.

2015-03-03 07.56.16

3. Because of the snow, I ran at the indoor track on campus. Ezra and Owen ran some with me. Ezra really is so fast-he can out-sprint me.


4. 2015-03-02 18.30.40

This is what my kitchen looked like after dinner one night. Unfortunately, that’s what it looks like after dinner most nights!

5. We went to the library and the boys loved looking at the huge fish they have there.

2015-03-04 17.51.14

6. 2015-03-04 19.52.54

I used to be hardcore with my piano practicing but the past few years I’ve gone long stretches without playing at all. This week I played twice and I felt good about that.

7. Today the weather was absolutely fantastic so after church and naps we went on a walk to the park. We played some catch and it was fun.

2015-03-08 17.27.39

Sunday Sevens (#6)


It is time for Sunday Sevens again so here are seven things from my week. (Feel free to join in and write your own post about your week too!)

1.2015-02-24 08.10.18

We get our milk delivered once a week and the boys always help me bring it in out of our milk box.

2. 2015-02-25 18.18.44

I made an enormous stack of whole wheat tortillas. Well, I made the dough and cooked half of them, and then Jon cooked the other half because he’s nice.

3.2015-02-26 09.44.10

Then we ate those tortillas for like the next four meals. This was a breakfast burrito the next morning.

4.2015-02-28 15.23.52

There was some father/son guitar playing.

5.2015-02-27 09.10.50

We drew on white boards for awhile. That’s always a favorite of Ezra’s.

6.2015-02-28 21.27.34

I bought this pattern and started making a top.


We had a family bike ride across town to Walmart.

Sunday Sevens (#5)


Another week has flown by! Here are seven things that happened around here:

1. I made some nice whole wheat double chocolate chip cookies.


2. I did some workouts with my kettlebells and Battle Ropes. I love my dear kettlebells very much.


3. I had a helper to unload the dishwasher.


4. I figured out why the legs of the jeans I’ve been making have been twisting! I’m so pumped about this. I started a new pair.


5. Jon and Lucy enjoyed some sun shining in through the window. Lucy got a haircut this week so she’s looking a lot less hairy.IMG_0887

6. We went on a walk and Owen rode his scooter the whole way.


7. Jon built a giant block tower and the boys thought it was rad.


Sunday Sevens (#4)


Here’s seven things from this past week.

1. IMG_0783I wore my Archer with my skinny jeans and thought about how it’s a perfect, comfortable outfit.

2. IMG_0817

I got a wicked huge splinter in my thumb. Jon tried to dig it out and we thought it was all out, but it kept hurting so he had to dig in deeper and he finally got it all out with these tweezers. I’m so glad because the sliver was cramping my style. It hurt every time I tried to press the steam button on my iron with my thumb.

3. I usually rock Owen in the rocking chair for awhile every night before bed. But I guess he’s decided he’s too old for that because he’s not cool with doing it anymore and he just climbs inside his crib all by himself. So last week I started climbing in his crib with him so I can still tell him a bedtime story and stuff.


He thinks that’s pretty funny.

4. When I got back from a run Lucy licked the heck out of me. She loves that salty sweat I guess.


5. wpid1724-20150210-222515.jpg

For the Valentine’s Day party in Ezra’s class, I made this game for the kids to play. I got the idea from here.

6. IMG_0781

I made some muffins. We eat a lot of muffins at our house!

7. After church today we went on a family walk. Owen thinks he’s too big now to ride in a stroller but that’s ok because he’s a pretty quick little bugger!