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Move Successful!

Bryanna’s Clothes has now moved over here to Sweet Shop Sewing. There’s still a lot to do to make the change complete, but we’ve made a lot of progress. In case you missed my last post, it tells a little bit about why I changed sites.

I’m pretty happy about our new name and I’m going to tell you why we chose it. When I first started sewing, I was very driven to learn and I spent all of my free time down in my sewing room. Jon started calling my sewing room my “sweat shop” because he thought he was pretty funny.

Somehow, calling it my sweat shop morphed into calling it my sweet shop. The name just stuck and so we decided we might as well use that for the name of our little business.

Things are a little unorganized and scattered right now, but hopefully we can get things running smoothly soon!

Upcoming Changes + A Couple Camo Shirts

I found some camo knit fabric at girlcharlee.com that I knew Seth would love so I bought a few yards. I made a t-shirt out of it for him with my t-shirt pattern. I changed the pocket to be small and square, like in his last t-shirt.

Then, I made Owen a polo out of the camo fabric. Again, I used my t-shirt pattern, but I used a polo collar instead of a t-shirt collar and I added a placket.

This is the first polo I’ve made for Owen out of my own pattern, so there were some things wrong with it that I will fix for next time. The biggest issue is that I made the collar too narrow. I will definitely add about an inch to the width of my collar piece for next time.

With his binky collection.

But I am happy that it turned out wearable and I like it in spite of its flaws. One of my goals is to get the polo made into a children’s pattern over the next few months.

Speaking of my goals, I have thought a lot over the past several months about what I want to do with my itty bitty pattern shop. At first I was overwhelmed and decided I wouldn’t make any more patterns. But then I realized that duh, I can make it as overwhelming or not overwhelming as I want. Last year I tried to make too many patterns too fast and it consumed all of my free time.

So I have decided that I definitely want to make more patterns, but at a more doable pace for me and my family. After I decided that, I decided to change the name of my business because it definitely needed a change.

When I was deciding on a name last year, I really wanted my name in the business name. I saw other pattern shops that were named after the designer and I thought it was awesome. So I went ahead and did that.

But soon, I realized that my name is a terrible business name. It is hard to remember and it has no flow. I wanted to change it but I was worried about all the work it would involve. I finally decided that it’s better to change it now than to try and change it later.

So Jon and I are in the process of changing this blog and everything else over to our new website, which is called sweetshopsewing.com.

I am pretty excited about the change and I hope that my (few) readers will follow me over to the new site when it’s ready. Even after it’s all set up and running, this blog will redirect to the new site so it won’t be too complicated or anything. We’re getting things done and hopefully the change will happen soon!